Last Normal Cycle Was In June Might I Be Pregnant

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JessB. - September 1

Background info: I'm 26 years old, married for 2 1/2 years, have been off of birth control (yaz) for almost a year. As soon as I stopped, my cycles returned to normal: 5 heavy days with horrible cramping and stomach upset. My husband and I are trying to conceive but not really charting or taking temps, etc. We went through a fairly stressful move in July. I was expecting my period around July 22. It was late. I took a test, negative. My period, or so I thought, showed up on July 30. However, it was not a normal period. No cramps, no br___t tenderness, and definitely not heavy. I basically spotted barely enough to need a liner for 3 whole WEEKS! It was very frustrating and just when I would think it was over, there would be a trace amount of light pink/brown on paper after peeing. I have taken an embarrassing amount of tests as I truly feel pregnant. My husband believes I am pregnant. But the tests say no. So fast forward to this week. Starting Sunday, I started experiencing very tender br___ts and intermittent cramping, though not really painful like menstrual cramps. I have also been getting up every morning around 4:30 to pee- since this started I have been careful not to drink anything at night, to no avail. Pregnancy or period?? The most frustrating thing is that I would be okay if my period decided to start. That way I could figure out when I may ovulate again and we could really try to conceive. But as is, I have no idea what to expect. I feel like the one constant that lets me know I'm a fertile woman has been taken away from me. Any suggestions? I do have an appointment scheduled for next week but I need something to get me through these few days. Sorry this is such a novel...


Grandpa Viv - September 1

Jess, the best I can imagine is that the stress in July gave you an anovulatory cycle and a subsequent delay. Your signs starting Sunday suggest pregnancy from ovulation about August 22nd. If this theory holds, you might perhaps get a positive using first morning pee on Labor Day, but it may be necessary to repeat a week later. Look for sensitive nipples, unexpected fatigue but not sleeping well, aches and appet_te changes, unusually upset gut and emotions and other little things. Good luck!



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