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princessAG - July 5

Hi. I understand that i can take a pregnancy test..but its not that easy since i am very young and basically going threw this alone. I just need a yes or no answer..maybe an explanation if needed. I should be having my period right now...but i barely have any discharge and if i do its very wet and runny [ never occured before] is this or isnt this a sign or pregnancy? thank you so much. if possibly. please give me signs and symptoms you have had in your early pregnancy so i can compare.


Emma2 - July 5

There is nothing to compare that will not make you or make you pregnant because everyone is very different and cervical mucus is not a good way to detect pregnancy. You need to get a test ..thats it!! GL


princessAG - July 5

i understand that but i was just wondering if that is normal during pregnancy or not....i also understand i need to get a test..but it wont be happening any time soon because i simply cant so im just trying to find out the probability of me being pregnant


sarahd - July 5

Are you bleeding at all? Sounds like you really do need to take a test - If you're scared, there are generally free clinics that will provide pregnancy tests, as well as advice and counselling on what to do if you are pregnant. Like Emma said, every pregnancy is different, some women get no symptoms at all other than a positive pregnancy test. Good luck hon and please let us know how you're doing!


princessAG - July 5

I was bleeding but it was very light and only lasted about 2 days. And then i had some spotting and light pinkish dishcharge. and then it was brown and now theres barely none at all and im supposed to be getting my period but i havent got it yet. So im wondering. My mom tells me she thinks i am because my nails are growing a lot longer and strogner and im very tired but i cant explain anything to her because we dont really talk like im basically trying to figure out on my own. but thank you for the support.


mom8403 - July 5

HOw many days late is your period? I mean sometimes if you are not on the pill your periods can be out of wack..stress, weight things like when i was pregnant they told me to wait about 4 days after my period was due to test..i mean you can test now..and you should eventually.


Emma2 - July 5

The probablities is not something someone can truly answer. My guess is as good as yours ! If you ask your dr. he wont be able to confirm pregnancy without a test either. Symptoms of pregnancy and pms are so alike it is almost impossible to distinguish the two.


slowpoke01 - July 5

princess it is possible that you are pregnant since you have missed your period and alot of women say that they have wet slippery discharge right before they find out they are pregnant also you should check your area and see if there is a free clinic to where you can get tested and know for sure whether you are or not


princessAG - July 5

thank you guys so much for trying to help. i defintly am trying to get one of my friends to buy me one at least so i can just find out and get it over with. um im about 3-4 daiis late. it looked like it wanted to come around the 9th but it onli lasted about 2 daiis. then i got wierd pinkish brownish bleeding around a week and a half after i had s_x..i have no idea what that was about. so yea.


guest - July 5

Ok, not to sound rude but you can ask us till the sun goes down if your pregnant but guess what, none of us know any better than you do! Nobody can tell you if your pregnant. You need to test to find out. you can get a dollar general test for 1$ or go to a clinic their free.. But thats the only way your gonna know so don't ask us if your pregnant cause we can't tell you!


princessAG - July 5

i understand that. im not asking you to tel me . yes u are pregnant. im simply asking your opinion since i see that on other pages people give their experiences and what they went threw and it just rea__sures you that these things are normal. thats all.


j. - July 5

princess, have u tested? good luck.



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