Late Quot AF Quot Its Pink And Temps Still High

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Jeanny - January 2

hey u all, i thought my hopes were gone when i got AF about 4 days late but its a pink kinda color and its relatively light and my temps are still high for the past 3 days my temp has been 99+...isnt temp supposed to plunge when AF is due...need help...could i be pregnant even tho i tested negative


bex - January 2

Hi Jeanny, sure I reckon you still could be as HGC levels don`t build up until after implantation so it could be IB!! Do you have any other signs? Good Luck and let us know how you get on.


Grandpa Viv - January 2

Yes, your temp should drop to normal at AF. If your temps are above your cover lne 18 days after o, you are either sick or pregnant. Test weekly and act like you are pregnant until a doc says not. Good luck!


dea - January 2

DITTO Grandpa Viv...


Jeanny - January 3

well i mean i dont feel like im sick but i do, i know how i start to feel like when im gonna get a cold and i dont feel that way, my supposed AF is going on day 3 which after day 1 starting day 2 it starts its normal flow and it hasnt, its been quite light and with no cramps, when i get AF i get really bad cramps, i do have some preg symptoms tho, not usual with AF, when i get AF most thing i get is cravings for chocolate, diarhea (tmi) , lots of cramps and back pain, but i have nausea and heartburn and yesterday i went to dinner at my aunts house and when i put a bite of lasagna in my mouth i had to immediately spit it out cuz to me it tasted like it was spoiled and everyone else that ate it says it was great and tasted normal, i have also lots my apet_te and im finding that things that i normally love to eat, well i just lost interest in them, its like i taste it and go uhh i dont want this and give it away, and then well theres part of my lower ab area that feel kinda sore like i did 100 ab crunches, i do have a stuffy/runny/sniffly nose tho and i feel like i just cant sleep anymore and i dont know why, then theres times when all i do is sleep, im very moody and im gettin my lil bro tired with my oh and i've noticed the veins on my chest, not necesarily the b___bage area, they seem darker to me...thanks for all ur answers and thanks in advance for answering me (if u do) again, Jeanny


snickelfritz - January 3

It was cycle FOUR off bcp this time before my temps FINALLY dropped below my coverline from cycle one. My periods were also light, but they always are. Sometimes it just happens. I'd test again and see if you might just be pg. Good luck!


Jeanny - January 3

well i been off bcp for more than a yr now and they were always regular after i got off and so have my i think im just gettin sick, i dont think im pregnant, im not fortunate enough...thanks for ur insight anyways...jeanny


Jeanny - January 5



Jeanny - January 5




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