Late But Still Getting Negative Pregnancy Tests

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Carry - October 8

Hello Ladies, I swear I am going crazy, my period is late for 8 days now and I have been having some pregnancy symptoms for 2 weeks like sore bbs, cramps, bigger appet_te, but all the pregnancy tests I have taken until this morning came out negative. I have tried first response, clear blue, ept, even tried the one they use at the pregnancy center. Is it possible to be pregnant and get negative test, if yes how long should I wait more, and is there anything I can do else, like taking a blood test. Thanks.


Ana - October 8

Yes. Take a blood test. Although they're more sensitive it might still come back negative. And if you're still having symptoms, take another blood test a week later. My dr told me that it's not unnatural for negatives to come up when you're really pregnant, if you test 10 days after your missed period. 10 day!!!! So why do the hpt's say 5 days before!?!?! To drive us crazy and to get rich off of us! So wait a few more days and get a blood test. Or don't wait and get a blood test, and if it comes out negative, go back in a week. Keep me updated.


Athena - October 8

Hi Carry, I'm in the same boat. (A lot of us here are I think.) I'm going crazy too, about a week or two late, have every symptom imaginable -- except morning sickness-- but all the tests have been negative. I am so sure I am it's very frustrating. I'm planning on geting a blood test on Monday. I've heard some women don't get urine positives until they are into their 2nd month, sometimes even 3rd. Good luck to you!


Carry - October 8

Thanks a lot for your responses, they made me feel much better. I don't believe in these pregnancy tests anymore, it is all lies. I also have all the symptoms except for morning sickness. I am thinking about getting a blood test next week. Does it have to be at your doctor office or are there special places where you can have these test ?


April H. - October 8

Hi Ladies! I am in the same boat. Period is late and having some symptoms. I saw my OBGYN on Thursday, and he said it is too early to tell so he is not surprised that I am showing up on pregnancy tests as a negative. Some women don't show up for weeks into their pregnancy. He did tell me that my cervix is soft, which is a good sign. Before your period it is usually low and hard. Still no signs of period coming. I have been having cramping for the past week and 1/2. I never cramp unless it is the day before or the day of my period. They have pretty much subsided now. I am very regular, so he told me to wait until the end of next week. If it hasn't arrived by then, I am to schedule a urine and blood test both with his office. So there is still hope ladies.....


kandi - October 9

hi everyone. when i was pregnant i had several negative pregnancy test (even at the doctors) a week or so after my period was missed. then about 2 weeks after it was missed i was getting very faint positives that i thought only i could see. and when i was about 7 weeks pregnant i got a bloodtest that was positive, but unfortunately i miscarried the week after.



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