Late No Period Ovulating

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rrs19 - October 6

Af was due 24-28 of september but has not arrived. Could i be pregnant? Ive had some symptoms. But today i have had stretchy cm and i get cm every day but for like 1 minute. Could i be ovulating even though i havent had a period, is that possible? Advice please ladies, thanks!!! Baby Dust to all!!!


rrs19 - October 6

let me make myself clear on one part......i dont get cm every day, i have been lately after af was suppose to be due its just this time it happend to be stretchy...any one know what it could be???


Tiggy - October 6

Hi there, I just posted on another strand but I was also supposed to start my period on the 24th. I didn't even clue in until the 3rd! I've had wonky discharge has well. I have taken HPT's and just recently, but then it was a BFN so I have no idea. I have heard though that some women get crazy discharge and others don't have any at all. Its hard to say. have you tested at all, what other symptoms to you have?


GimmeaBub - October 6

Hey ya, no period sounds like a positive sign, you may have ovuklated later in your cycle, is your cycle normally 28 days? Seems you been waiting a while now for AF, have you done a hpt? and if you have maybe you should go to your dr just to see why it is your so late. Baby Juice


rrs19 - October 6

Tiggy- No i havent tested yet i plan on it this weekend. So far just sore nipples,back pain, i also have high temps 98.5-99.7 i hope thats a good sign and some cramping and of course discharge(if that means anything) but yea that about it. Gimmeabub- yes my cycle is normally 28 days but yea i have been waiting to see if it arrive croos my fingers that it doesnt. Ive been trying ttc for awhile now. Oh and im so sorry for the late post.


Tiggy - October 7

I hope you are! Still no AF for me either, discharge that makes me feel like it started though lol, sorry TMI My symptoms include swollen b___sts (they feel heavier than norm) hurt in the sides, crramps, slght nausea. Whats different is usually I have craszy symptoms and I didn't notice I was late until I was a week late! The BFN are discouraging but I have never been this late before, so fingers crossed!



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