Late Period And Discharge

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Kellz - April 27

Ok so this is my situation.AF was due on April 17th and I havent gotten it yet.I have been having some symptoms of pregnancy.Like blue veins and some shooting pains in my br___ts.I have been so bloated and gassey.I never burp and no matter what I eat no I cant stop from burping.Or it feels like I have to burp.Yesterday I felt like i had bruises on my left side of the torso andon my right hip but i looked and there wasnt any.I had been having cramps like AF was coming even after I missed it, and it never did.But to top it all off,this morning I woke up swearing I got my period because I had that gross wet feeling down there so I was disappointed but,I wiped and it was a bunch of clear mucusy discharge.Im wondering if I cold be ovulating really late or if most of what I am saying sounds like I may be pregnant.Any opinions would help so much.Thanx


to kellz - April 27

You need to test I bet your prego


kb - April 27

i have the exact same thing going on. i was due for af on April 17th and it never showed. i've been having cramping on and off, really sore/sensitive nipples and my cm has been thick and white. also i have had clear cm that resembles ovulation cm. i did however take an ept on April 21 and it came out -ive. i'm really confused and i don't know what is going on. i really hope i could be pregnant becuz my dh and i have been trying for 6 months. i don't know if/when i should test again and what's the best hpt to use. if anyone has imput please let me know. keep us posted Kellz. *******baby dust*******


bump - April 27



Kellz - April 27

Yea I tested on the 24th wich wud have been a week late and it came out negative.But i also noticed the store sold me a very old test so I dont know.Someone told me the walmart equate brand detects the lowest amount of hcg so maybe thats a good one.I wish I knew what the discharge is from though.I hate this waiting.I've heard of people taking the test when they were like 2 months pregnant and still got a negative.If thats the case for me,I will be going crazy for a long time.I will keep you all posted.Thanx for the help. : -)


hoping26 - April 27

I have the same symptoms but more. Can someone please tell me what this means.......


TJ - April 27

what other symptoms do you have? i was also due on april 17th and i have all the symtpoms but the sore b___st. i didn't have that either when i was pregnant in feb. which sadly turn out to be a ectopic preg. but i have the swollen feeling in my feet and hands, bloated for that past week and cramping but mustly on right side, nausead all day, tired, i can smell everything and i also thought i was having my period when i woke up to find that it was clear and really wet. have take in 3 urine and 1 blood test all negative. please what do you think?


Jenice - April 27

Kellz--wow, I'm in a similar spot...except that I'm currently 11 weeks late for AF. But the symptoms are the same, and all I've gotten so far are negative results! Let us know what you find out, ok??


hoping26 - April 27

i have had sore b___st, a little swollen about a week ago, most of that gone away for the most part, i feel tired always, some tiems i am hungry sometimes not, veins in b___st are more apparent, have those little bumps around nipples,some discomfort in my sides, lightheaded sometimes, back pain, faint headaches, only a few days late, i have taken 4 tests all neg. but i took them before i was late. feeling nausiated some, nipples get hard for no reason, i was washing dishes and they just got hard all the sudden. husband says that he has been getting stuff out of my nipples lately. could i be?


Grandpa Viv - April 27

A clear or creamy discharge is normal, and gets more noticeable with tijme. Often described as "lotion" or "wet down there". If it gets too thick there may be some yeast involved. First Response Early Result has one of the best reviews. Test at weekly intervals as the hCG should be climbing steadily. If you get past 8 weeks with no positive test, it's time to visit the doc regardless, to find out what else might be going on. Good luck to all!


To TJ from Kellz - April 27

Well TJ, I had the same discharge as u are talking about.I wish I knew what it could be.I was having like shooting pains in the sides of my b___sts and the veins were showing and it comes and goes.Have you been cramping like you were getting your period too.I will keep you updated TJ.Everyone else too.But TJ since we are going thru the almost exact same thing and due for period on exact same dat,you should email me sometime and I will give you my screename so we can talk and help eachother out.My email is [email protected] so ne time email me.Thanx talk to you all later.


me - April 27



newbie - April 27

Hello everyone I am new to this site. I came on because I am having the exact same symptoms as you Kellz. I went off the BC in Feb. My first Af after that was 33 day cycle, I am now on going on day 40. I have the CM thinking it is my Af but nope it isn't. It has been clear also and plentiful for about 7 days now . i did a test on day 35 and it was -ive. I also am nausiated all day but I am not sure if it is just in my head thinking I have to be preg. I also have acne, little bumps on my face and I never get breakouts. Usually if I do it's the big stand out type. I plan to do another test Friday. My breats aren't sore just feel different, again am I dreaming. Hope all goes well for all you gals



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