Late Period But Negative On Test

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fiorella - November 10

I'm 20 years old, my period is rarely more than a day or two off. My last period started October 4th and I had s_x with my boyfriend on the 17th, the condom broke. I felt fine, nothing unusual and for us a baby wouldn't be a bad thing, so there hasn't been more than the normal dose of stress. We had s_x again on November 8th, my period was already 4 days late so we didn't use a condom. I started feeling extremely tired around the 4th, taking naps during the day, going to sleep earlier and waking up later. I felt hungry all day, nothing seemed satisfied it. On the 7th I stopped feeling hungry, instead I felt nauseous, I figured it was something I ate, but the nausea hasn't gone away, its worse at night. The past two night I've felt wide awake at night, and can't even attempt to sleep because when I lay down I throw up. During the day I'm exhausted, and I lay down all day but can't seem to fall asleep. its really taking its tole. Yesterday I felt a dull aching on my right pelvic area, it would hurt then go away then come back and disappear again. it hasn't hurt at all today so I'm not sure what it was. I feel like I'm pregnant, so I took a test this afternoon but it came out negative, I'm going to try again tomorrow morning but I'm scared it'll be negative again. could I be pregnant? If I am pregnant, why is it showing up negative? could it be that I'm not pregnant? if so, what's wrong with me? any ideas? this would be my first ever pregnancy, so I have no idea what to expect.


twolinesohmy - November 11

You have all the symptoms, sounds like you are pg! A late period is the most telling, plus if you have a normal cycle, when the condom broke is about when you were ovulating. You could be pg and still get a neg. test. It means that you just dont have enough of the hormone in your urine yet that it would show up positive, which is normal and happens to a lot of women. You should call your gyn. and schedule an appt. If you dont have a regular doctor you go to, you can go to a walk in clinic or a family planning clinic.


haleywonder - November 12

i know what you're feeling, fiorella! my last cycle was on october 4, too, now i'm 16 days late. i've been experiencing all the same symptoms as you have been, yet all the hpt's i've taken and the blood test i took a week ago today all came up negative. i'd advise you to get a blood test if you can. if that comes up negative as well, we're in the same boat of trying to figure out what's wrong! i've been researching the hell out of this for the past couple of weeks, and have read stories about some women who just don't show a positive on a test until they're almost 3 months in. my doc told me to come in for another test if i miss my next cycle, which is due in a week. please keep us posted about what's happening with you, and i'll do the same.



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