Late Period Cramps All The Time Light Pinkish Discharge

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G - February 16

Hello ~ I was wondering if anyone out there ever experienced this. I am a couple days late, but have had consistant mild cramping for at least a week, which is not normal for me, I usually only develop cramps the day before or of my period. I am always on schedule; every 28 days, except this month. Today, I felt a discharge, and went to the bathroom. The blood was very minimal, and a pink color, which is very much unlike my usual. I normally bleed heavily and dark red on the first day. With all this happening, could I possilby be pregnant??


Zoie - February 16

i have the same thing! but i get cramps on the second day of AF. can anyone answer?


Bubblez_pbjb - February 18

Hello i'm going threw the same thing. Please Help ASAP. I had my last period on Dec.28 and lasted for about 3 days. About 2 weeks before that i was s_xually active and didn't use a condom.foolishly i did it twice with two different boy around the same time. they did pull out or so i thought. Since then i have yet recieved my period. i'v been feeling like i want to throw up around the afternoon and night time and i'v been having really bad cramps as if i am going to come on. for the past 4 weeks i'v sworn up and down that iwas coming on my period but never did.i took a pregnancy test 2 days ago and it came back neg. Today i woke up and say some light red brown discharge the kind you get when your about to come off your period. i was excited thinking i was comeing on but as the day went on i had no blood just the discharge. as i type this i feel like i'm going to be sick. HELP! could the test be wrong or am i crazy?


fernanda - February 18

Hi, I have had the same symptoms as you G. In my case, I was not pregnant. But I was rather shocked and hopeful to see such discharge as it is not normal for me. But I ended up getting the heavy flow in my following cycle. Now this time, I have very little cramping, no pink/light discharge prior to AF (which is the NORM) and am waiting for AF - hope this time its for real!!.....Good Luck!


Rach - February 19

I had the same thing about a week or so ago, but now I am 5 and a half weeks pregnant - I could of swore I was starting my period. I am happy that I am pregnant, probably found out a little early cos I work in the Family Planning Clinic - Good luck to all those trying and those who have just found out they are pregnant!!


bump - February 20




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