Late Period Or Implantation Bleeding

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Tiny-T - May 15

Totally distressed, depressed, and hopless here. Had / still having symptoms of pregnancy, however period was nearly 4 days late, and started bleeding last eve, not very heavy, and slight cramping, tension, mostly on left side. Have been having strange / non-period symptoms for a week; swollen br___ts, sore nipples with bumps,, ongoing lower back ache, heartburn, slight headaches that come and go without even noticing, tiredness during day and at night, usually after 10pm which is not me, and a VERY enlarged or bloated stomach, but more low abdomen, bad gas, constipation, mood swings. Took a preg. test just before but negative. Am at a loss and really don't know what to do. Would very much appreciate some advice, words of wisdom, or similar experience out there somewere...


Diggles - May 15

How is your bleeding normally during period?


b - May 15

i have the same symptoms. i started spotting on the 10th. 10 days before my period. but i keep getting neg. results


jk - May 16

I have not had a similar situation, though I have had really weird periods every since ttc (why?) including every sign of pregnancy listed, only to be BFN. I have talked to my doctor, maybe you should talk to yours, you could be having problems withh your hormones. Also, if your bleeding is not as heavy as it usually is, you might not have ovulated this last cycle. Hope you feel better.


b - May 16

mine has died down a lot its a pinkish color.i still have the purple viens on my left areola though. i'm going to test one more time if it says neg im just gonna a__sume that im not.i have all the symptoms i feel like im going insane running to the store and buying all these test just to let my self down when i see - sign.


B - May 16

tiny i found these sites very useful they tell you when your ovulating and when to test..good luck!


B - May 16


Tiny-T - May 16

Thanks B and thank you JK for your insight, and peace of mind. B, totally understand about buying test after test, and sometimes taking like 3 per day! ...only to be disappointed... even waiting to go to the loo like after 4 or 5 hours when i'm nearly busting in my pants! not taking anymore tests, and will call my Gyno within next days, to see what's up... and my husband to be, is PUSHING me to go, but am so afraid and nervous about a disappointing, and / or serious problem resulting in this...and / or just simply hormone / stress related incident. Thank you all for the websites... have been glued to my laptop the last days... and cannot focus on anything else, pretty sad and frustrating... but guess i will have some peace when i FINALLY know what my body is going through, albeit a wish come true, or if back to square one, or what our next step is that we need to take together... All the best to you out there for answering, and it is comforting to have some sort of connection with someone out there right now as am alone at home... until my love returns from biz trip 2mrw LATE eve......:-(


patty wertz - May 16

i think im pregnant with my fourth child...when will my baby be born if i missed my period on may 1st...?


B - May 16

im so sorry to hear that. i hope everything works out for you.


B - May 16

patty probably around jan 6



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