Late Positives

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angel_girl - January 30

Have any of you had very late positives? Like 12 weeks or more? I know I am pregnant, but I would like to have the positive to confirm. I have heard a few stories of very late positives.


B'Lana - January 30

My mother did not shoe positive till 4th months on 2 pregnancies. How do you know that you are pg? (not a trick question, just want to confirm w/ my state of being) Good luck to you!


angel_girl - January 30

For the last week I have had horrible morning sickness all the time. Throwing up too. My b___sts are swollen, tender, getting blue veins and white bumbs on nipples. My tummy is getting hard and I am easily fatigued, and I think my temp is slightly elevated. I get sweaty at the drop of a hat. I also have the clear/white, odorless discharge. The hormonal moodiness is a given. Poor b/f thinks I love him one minute and had him the next. LOL Its all here except the + on the hpt! Very frusterating.


Mimi - January 30

I was wondering the same, posted a few posts, but unfortunately didn't get much help. My AF are weird( very very light , brownich/red and stringy), have a few symtoms and my belly is balooning. of course no BFP yet . will test again and let u know. I know this happen a lot more than thought! Good luck to u !


B'Lana - January 30

I get all that too... also no positive. Today I feel slight cramps, what is magnified by 10000 when I am on period, but nothing.. that started happening about 2-3 days ago... also I get random pain around my bellyb___ton like 100 times a day. Another strange one- when I stratch, it feels tight in my lower abdomenal area inside (not the skin problem)... My skin changed structure everywhere...


Cutie - January 30

Mimi and everyone else, I am in exact same shoes. It is so frustrating. I know its not like my regular menses, even though they should be here now. Lets just keep hoping, right? :) God bless to everyone


kat - January 30

angel_girl im so glad i read your post,im going through the same,if you want to read my post in the first trimester section its PLEASE READ...IM GOING MAD! ive had a few responses you might want to also read,keep me posted on how you get on :o)



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