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Purplehaze - January 26

Hi I'm currently in the tww (8dpo) and this morning I woke up with a wet patch on my top!!!! urgh so I squeezed my br___t and nipple and clear and white stuff came out. I have never had anything come out my nipples before. Does anybody else have leaky br___ts? I would have thought it was too early to be pregnancy related but read that it can happen early pregnancy? It could also be hormonal just wondering if anybody else has had leaky br___ts that were non pregnancy related or anybody who has had leaky br___ts due to pregnancy. I went and checked both br___ts again and more white/clear stuff came out. FYI I did a pregnancy test this am and it was negative and I am trying for #1. Thanks in advance for any input


lissica - January 26

Yay purple!! There you are. I don't know about leaky b___sts. I've heard some girls say they get them in and out of pregnancy. I saw your chart today!!! Looks very good. Nice high temp. Are you feeling anything else?8dpo is too early i'd think.


jessicaspatherapist - January 26

i've been having this for about 6 years, its called gallactorhea (fairly common amoung women who were on birth control for a number of years)....although since pregnancy it seems much heavier.


Purplehaze - January 27

Thanks for the info Jessica. It will be interesting to see if it has started coinciding with pregnancy. I haven't been on bcp for about 4/5 years but the info I read on the net also said that a hormonal problem could cause it so it is prob that. I'll mention it to my doc next time I go in. As for if I'm preggo I'll have to just wait and see :) Hi Lissica I've not had anything else unusual. How about you have you been having any symptoms? Why does the tww take so looong? fingers crossed for you. Hazel


Erin1979 - January 27

I had theis during pregnancy, but I was about 16 weeks along when it started. Good luck!


lissica - January 27

Hi purple. Anything yet??? lol Well i am 9dpo today and not feeling a whole lot. Couple small things but i try not to read into symptoms anymore. Although this is the first month temping and might be the first time we actually hit it on the nose!! Your chart is still looking good.



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