Leaving The Site

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Angie - April 24

I will not be returning to this site due to the rudeness of some people. I posted about hcg level 1 on 4-18 and if you read the post obviously I'm not responsible. I'm sorry that people feel that way. I really did like this site, but I've read many posts and posted many that have gotten rude reply's. That is something I'm not looking for in the form of support. So good luck to everyone ttc and I hope you all get the BFP you want. Gl.


Erin - April 24

People are here helping other people. I don't think anyone said anything rude to your question. With all due respect maybe you're being a little over sensitive. (possible sign of pregnancy) Good Luck! :-) *Baby dust*


lanislee - April 24

Angie: I had a m/c Feb. 28 and am now pregnant again before af!! I am very nervous about this pregnancy, but wanted to say good luck to you!! Baby dust your way!!


To Angie - April 25

What R U talking about? Someone gave you advice and you thought it was rude? I think you are too emotional right now. Do you expect everyone to give a Mary Poppins answer? This is the real world. Bye Bye.


/ - April 25

Perhaps you are depressed and thats why your lashing out at everyone.


Alison - April 25

Angie I'm sorry you've been upset by some responses-I'm sure people were trying to help but perhaps it came across as a bit blunt? I just had a read of your post and I think a pregnancy test should work 28th as your levels had dropped so would not cause false positive anymore. In my experience (I've had 2 miscarriages) you usually ovulate 2 weeks after a miscarriage-but of course everyone is different. I waited 1 period after my 1st miscarriage, and having had a second loss I waited 2 periods (now in month 3 of trying again) but that was my choice. I've read quite a few posts on the miscarriage section from people who start trying straight away and while I wouldn't do it it's up to the individual. I've also read of people who have started trying again straight away and had a healthy baby. I'm sorry for your loss I know how awful it is. I hope you will get a BFP soon and have a healthy pregnancy. xxx


Alex - April 25

Good luck Angie! I know what you mean about some people being rude but that's probably their hormones talking BS! All the best - sorry to see you go.


???? - April 25

I could not find that post...If anyone knows of it, I would like to read it...Can someone bump it?


??? - April 25

Thank you whoever bumped it ....I felt stupid when everything was right in the t_tle.


to angie - April 25

Not everyone is rude, but there are some who are. Remember, anyone in the WORLD can access this forum, so don't be surprised if there are some wackos.


stacey - April 25

Angie- I really think you are jumping the gun here. I just went back and read it and don't think it's mean. Even if it were, you have to get thicker skin- ignore the things you don't like. That doesn't mean everyone will say things you don't like, but it will occasionally happen!


Jen - April 25

I agree there are some here who just are here for the fun maybe if they spend more time tring to have a baby they wouldnt have too much time to be rude I also believe that some are just here to have kicks and arent even trying to have a baby my best advice is see your doc an just wait and see everyone is so different and you get your hopes up thinking we are all the same you will know when you are preg . I am ttc and from my last preg I was 3 months before anything showed up in blood work or symptions plus I had my af for 2 months so everyone out there you have to judge your bod and go to the expert your doc we are all here just normal ppl but alot do have good advice ect here but dont take it serious just use it all as a ref good luck to all baby dust



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