Leg Cramps

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Ashleyg - December 27

i am about 7dpo, and i am having strange cramps in my legs and my nipples are very sore! are these promising signs of pregnancy?


jeanette - December 27

Ashley..those cramps...are they like your leg feels like moving all the time?


SaraD - December 27

Ashley-that was my first sign of being pg was cramps.I had them in my legs,my back,arms,everywhere!! It's a lack of vitamins.Take prenatal vitamins and they should go away.Good luck and I hope you get a BFP!!!


Ashleyg - December 27

jeanette-it does not feel like they are moving all the time, just achy. thanks saraD, but i have been on prenatal vitamins for a while now...could it still be a sign?


jeanette - December 27

Ok, just checking. Pg ladies sometimes have whats known as "restless leg syndrome" during pregnancy. I had it with my last pg. Supposed to be a good sign. God bless and hope you get a BFP!!


Ashleyg - December 28

today i am also having strange cramps in my tummy (lower left of belly b___ton). another good sign or wishful thinking?


Ashleyg - December 28

its not like period cramps but more like i just had an intense workout and now i am sore from it...


SaraD - December 29

Does it feel like a "full" feeling? When I was pg I just felt like my abdomin was really bloated. I hope you get your BFP!!Baby dust to you !


canadagirl - December 29

Ashleyg OMG, I am having these cramps right next to my private part area upper leg almost inner thigh area, and it comes and goes and it makes it difficult to walk, today is cd 23 and 12dpo for me so we will see..i hope you get a bfp


dee - December 30

I am on cd 36, 2 days late. Really sore bbs. Had period like cramps 7dpo and sore back for 48 hours. Leg cramps yesterday. They seem to have gone away. I dont want to test as i dont need the disappointment but what do you girls think?


nik - December 30

oh my gosh, that is exactly what i feel right now. My legs feel like i just got done running a marathon, they're not so much cramping but more sore. I am approx 11 dpo. I know were not able to take a test quite yet, so I'm anxiously taking every thing as a possible sign of pregnancy. Maybe my mind is playing tricks on me but my body just feels different. In fact I logged on to this site to see if anyone wrote about leg pain.


DianeN - December 30

I have been having cramps in my lower legs, around the shins for the past two evenings. I have not done anything differently lately, same workout routine. AF is due tomorrow and I have not had any cramps, for the last 4 months off the pill I have had the worst AF cramps the week and a few days before AF. I did take a HPT this morning and of course it was a BFN. Anyone else having the low , achy leg cramps?


Ressie - December 30

Hi, i have a question- AF is 20 days late I have cramps in my lower tummy I am tired all the time, moody, and I also have the "full feeling" and ALSO, i have the leg cramps (achy!!) it is in my upper thigh mostly in the front and in the outter sides. my back is achy. But my b___st are Not sore. I have taken a hpt 3 times already and it has come up Neg. And that was taking one today. Any, suggestions? Anyone think i might be pg? If so why the Neg. on the hpt?


bex - January 9

Hi, Did anyone get these heavy and achy legs early on and get a BFP? Be great to hear from you!!



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