Leg Pain

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Kathlin - June 6

Hi everyone! I have been experiencing lower leg pain more often these days. What else causing leg pain other than pregnancy? The pain sometimes feel like cramp and other times it comes in a wave. I have some mild back pain on the lower left.


A - June 6

Hi Kat, me too. It is right below the knee in the shin area. I heard once that this is a pota__sium deficiency, but I was also wondering if it could be hormone related. I am taking mutli vitamins and so I wouldn't think I would have a deficiency. But I know exactly what you are talking about..... My dh and I have been ttc all month and af is due this week...but this leg pain came on suddenly this past week and affects me at least once or twice a day


Maggie - June 6

This might sound strange but I always get the same pains in my legs when I wear high heels. If this is you case I would try wearing flats for a couple of days and see if it goes away. Of course if you think you are pregnant get a test. Good Luck.


A - June 6

Hey maggie, thanks for your response. I don't wear heels. I teach and so I am on my feet all day..lol...But it was a good suggestion. I am still wondering what this could be. Any other ladies out there who have pain in their shins during hormonal changes?


Kathlin - June 6

Thanks all the replies to my question! No, I don't use high heel shoes and the hpt test is negative, so I'm not sure. I do have Anxiety disorder, could that cause problems like that? My worst fear is heart problem, but I don't think I have that at all. First I thought may be I'm preggo, but the tests are neg. Bites me!


Gina - June 6

Kathlin, I don't know about the leg pain being caused by anxiety...but you take vitamins. Like A, I heard that it is a pota__sium defficiency....but it could be hormones too...when is AF due? Have you pa__sed the due date for your period?


Kathlin - June 6

my AF was over a week ago and won't due anytime soon. I just did some search and I read lack of Calcium could cause pain in legs, but I have been taking extra supplement for that since I have problem with Lectose. I will look in to pota__sium deficiency. Thank you


Melody - June 7

Hi guys, I been having pain in my right hip, and knee...one minute the whole leg will be acking, the next pins and needles....strange??? Anyone have any Idea what it could be?


hi - June 7

if your pain is like cramp you might be dehydrated. i have had that before - but like i said, that is more like a cramp in you leg/calf.


goofy1 - June 10

i get pains in my left knee for the past 2 weeks and its really weird


Kathlin - June 16

Hi again! Well my pain turned out to be Arthritis. Back of the left knee hurts a lot more then the feet. My left arm from elbow to fingers hurts. My doc is checking me for arthritis. I'm sad very sad because i'm only 24 years old and I'm nervous now how it will affect my life...



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