Let S Get Some BFP S

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Bren1367 - September 25

Hi ladies! New thread, last one was soooo long. Hope eveyone joins me. Whether you got a BFP or are TTC, please come chat with us. We love the support!


Bren1367 - September 25

Me again, I have not tested yet but probably will on thurs. or fri. IF af doesn't show (crossing fingers).


shelby3218 - September 25

Hellooooo!! I am now offically on the waiting to see list now. Just ovulated sometime this morning. Let's all have a BABY DUST tidel wave aimed at all that are trying to concieve. :)


sashasmama - September 25

Hi Bren, I'd like to join! A little about myself. I have a little girl who's going to be 2 in december. I had a miscarriage back in april of this year and then another one 3 weeks ago. Both natural. Went to my dr., she gave me a green light on ttc again asap, since I was only 3 weeks prego post conception. So many mixed feelings about this...we waited 4 months on ttc again after my first miscarriage, and now I'm so anxious to get pregnant again asap. Part of me is saying to wait longer, and part of me wants it NOW. Dh and I haven't used any protection. My period returned 28 days (the length of my cycles) after my first miscarriage, so I'm hoping I've already ovulated. We'll see. I keep making myself feel the symptoms, my mind is playing tricks on me, AS USUAL. I haven't read your other thread, but what about you? Do you have any children or is this your first?


JL3 - September 25

I am going to test tomorrow. I don't really have high hopes for this month. Well, part of me does, but I just don't want to get upset if/when af comes. I've been telling myself over and over again to just start af if I'm not pg, or test positive if I am! I don't like waiting around, haha. Good luck to everyone.


ma1008 - September 25

hi, bren, shelby, sashasmama, jl3. guess were waiting together huh. sasha i hope the symptoms you are feeling are indeed preggo symptoms.


ashlee - September 25

hey ladies!!! well for those of you who dont know, i started af on monday, so beginning of cycle for me! keeping in high spirits though, it has to happen sooner or later, right? BREN i really hope you get a BFP on thurs of fri when you test, 5 years is really a long time to wait, so im hoping extra hard for you and sending enormous amounts of baby dust your way :) SHELBY a tidal wave of baby dust sounds good lol!!! SASHA, im sorry about you m/sc's. i had one in june 05. we waited one cycle before ttc again. after that it took about 5 months to fall preg with my dd whose now almost 14 months. i wish you the best of luck! JL3~ i really hope you get that bfp!!! i know what you mean about the waiting, it drives me CRAZY!!!


ARD - September 25

Ok listen girls...I got my BFP today which is 4 days before AF is due.....I'm not saying to test (or waste a test), but what the heck!!!!!!!!!!!! With my dd, I tested negative all the way till the day of my missed period, and still then it was faint. So I was very surprised to get the BFP today it being 4 days early! I am going to check back periodically to see who else gets their BFPs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


sashasmama - September 25

MA1008, I hope so too, but for some reason I know they are all in my head :( ASHLEE thank you for your wishes...I'm very scared to even get pregnant this time, I didn't have a care in the world with my daughter! ARD Congrats!!!! I bet you are so excited! What kind of test did you use? I usually get Equate from Wal-Mart, I tried First Response with my last pregnancy about 4 days before af was supposed to show up and it came out negative, a day later an Equate test came out positive...Anyone tried those Dollar Store tests?


Bren1367 - September 25

Hello ladies! Couldn't agree with you more on that tidal wave, shelby! LOL! Welcome sashasmama, I have a son who is about to turn 14 next month. I kinda jumped the gun a lil bit on that (BIG OOPS)! I have been ttc for 5yrs now. I had a m/c in June. I was 11 weeks along. That pretty much sucked and I cried for days but one good thing is at least I know I can conceive. AF is due on the 27th. I'm not really having any symptoms, except a fever the last 3 days (symptom??) and a few headaches here and there. I got bad headaches with my son. Anywho I seem to be rambling. Baby dust to all and thanks for joining me!


melissadunn - September 26

Hey all! Welcome to everyone who just joined! I love all the support! :) Ashlee- I may be joining you on next month's cycle. My sore bbs and cramps subsided, but then came back full force this afternoon. I am also noticing big blue veins in my bbs that have never been there before. I am tring to keep the hope alive. I'm going to test the morning of the 29th, that's the day that af is scheduled to appear! GO AWAY!! :):)


Missy - September 26

Hey Girls - mind if I join? I am on teh 2ww - i will be testing 10/4 and NOT A DAY SOONER hahaahah. I o'd 2 days ago (I HOPE). Anyone else on the same testing schedule??


ARD - September 26

I used an EPT test, got a faint positive, then the next day I took an EPT digital test, said PREGNANT....then I took 2 more First Response (had them at home anyway) to make sure. All positive. EPTs and First Response really work well.


kelbabe - September 26

hi, mind if i join in? i have tested, bfn - i think!! not sure if im a day late or af is due 10/2 so i will test again then.


eastcoast - September 26

Good morning Ladies! Bren, thanks for starting this new thread...the other one was getting really long. Great to see some new 2ww'ers:) So AF is supposed to be here (yesterday or today) and so far she's a no show -think I'll wait and see if she makes an appearance by fri and if not, I'll try an HPT. I'm scared if I test too early, I'll get a BFN and so I don't want to get my hopes up. A round of babydust for everyone!:)


Bren1367 - September 26

Good morning all! Welcome Missy and kelbabe. Eastcoast, I hope af doesn't show for you. I think this month is done for me. My temp went down this morning and I'm starting to feel like af is going to show today so I will be right there with you ashlee, Nina, and whoever else got af. I will let you know later if she shows.


ceecee_fields - September 26

I'm waiting with you ladies. 7 more days until I'm supposed to start. I hope we all get BFP. Question...Do you think me having tender nipples has anything to do with conceiving, or implantation?



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