Let S Hear Outcomes Of Cheri The Baby Psychic

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jamers - September 29

So I'm completely new here, but I've been "lurking" the site for a few weeks now, I just never posted anything. I read about Cheri the baby psychic... she seems amazing... and people tell us what she has predicted for them, but some of the times we never hear back about whether or not she was right! I know it might be too soon for some to tell, but some women got readings from her last year and bam, disappeared from forums! She seems pretty accurate though. I got my reading from her, said December and Girl!! (said that more than likely I'll find out early December. ) Has anyone else had readings and know she was right? or wrong? Let's hear about it!!!


Marie - September 29

She predicted OCT and GIRL for me- and I actually just took an HPT this week and got a positive, but my first "confirmation" doctors appointment is not until mid-October... so she was, in a way, right for me! at least half of it because I don't know yet if I am having a girl!


jamers - September 29

Yeah, I'd consider her to be right then! I sure hope she's right about me too!! How long did it take for you to get a positive?


kelbabe - September 29

she said 21-27th december and boy for me.


GimmeaBub - September 30

Cheri Told me I am pregnant now lol, She said I will get my Bfp early october. I did a test today and got a very faint positve it could be an evap so I will wait and do a test tommrow morning :). Will Let you know.


jamers - September 30

GimmeaBub please do let us know!


kelsie08 - September 30

Hi everyone. Does cheri charge? And if so how much and how do you pay for it? how long does it take for the results?


jamers - September 30

yeah kelsie, she charges $7, she does free readings but they take forever since she's so busy. google her name (cheri22) and you'll see all the info on her page.. she got back to me 4 days after I emailed her. Good luck ;)


keerthy - September 30

well, she predicted november and a boy for me. she told me she can see 2 boys for me in my life:) FINGERS CROSSED!!!


meg - September 30

She predicted another ds for me & that I would either conceive, or deliver in Sept. I'm in the 2ww, so I'm hoping she's right & that I conceived in Sept...let you all know in 2 weeks!


Sims1 - September 30

hmmmmm, she said dec and boy for me. but i'm already 6 weeks pg. so i'm not too sure if she's right. I sent her another email letting her know i'm already pg but she hasn't replied again.......and that was a week ago.


Missy - October 1

She predicted OCT and GIRL for me.....FF stats say my AF is due tomorrow (10/1) so i guess time wil tell - I am testing 10/4 (it's my DD's birthday) which will make me 11dpo so hopefully that's long enough from O to tell me if I am - or not LOL


kelbabe - October 1

oh, missy, i wont be here to know if she was right! lots of good luck and baby dust to you. e-mail me if you do get your bfp, as checking my e-mail will be the first thing i do wwhen i get back. and good luck to the others aswell. xxx


lisahopes - October 2

Oct and Girl for me waiting to test this weekend or next week


annmarie - October 2

I know Cheri told a lot of people October and some are already getting AF or BFN's. I just want to tell all of you to keep your head up! It's still really early! There's a lot of October left which means everyone still has a chance to either conceive or find out in the month of October. Good luck and Baby Dust to all!



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