Lets All Check Our Cervixes Compare Notes

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hopingc - February 22

I think that we might know more about the position of the cervix if we compare notes. list your dpo and if its high and soft or low and hard.. this might help others. There seems to be alot of confusion about the position during pregnancy. I would like to know! If you think your pregnant- please help us!


b - February 22



tiffani - February 22

Mine is low and soft, but i'm not sure where i'm at in my cycle. Have been ttc, and expect my period on March 4th, but my periods are so erratic that it could start tonight or in late March. :o)


sally - February 22

this might be a stupid question, but...how can you check your own cervix?


beth - February 22

and what shape does it feel like?


hopingc - February 22

I was reading that you check it by inserting your index finger until you feel it- its round feeling. right before the period Ive read that its low and hard like the tip of your nose. during ovulation its high and softer.. almost unreachable.. nobody seems to know what pregnancy cervix is like. maybe some preggies can help us.


beth - February 22

i am about 8-9 dpo and my cervix is low and hard, i think (i've never felt it before). But I did notice a lot of milky white fluid when checking my cervix, but no discharge.


cp - February 22

I am on CD 11 and my cervix right now is high open and soft, also have i guess what is eggwhite fluid but looks kinda cloudy....my cycle is normally 31 days long and fertility friend forcasted my ovulation on the 25th....next AF due march 15th however if I O early AF might be early....So here we go TTC MONTH #1!!!!!!!!


Grandpa Viv - February 22

The consensus opinion over the last months is that cervix is not a good indicator in early pregnancy. It may come down and harden after o. and later soften and rise, but closed. See if I have anything under the Grandpa Viv link on http://www.ppowb.org


stacey - February 23

glad I just saw this strand b/c I was checking my cervix and getting a bit sad b/c It's hard right now and my book (Taking Charge Of Your Fertility) doesn't mention how hard or soft it should be for pregnancy- although Grandpa Viv is right, I don't think there is a specific position for the cervix while pregnant. And thanks for giving your website again, when I couldn't find the info in my book I wanted to check there, but couldn't remember the site- now it's on my favorites list :)


beth - March 5

should you lie on your back when testing or stand up or does it matter?


stacey - March 5

I put one foot on the bathtub and check that way. Today mine is low and soft. Here's a question I am confused about- in my book it says during ovulation the cervix is soft and high- so that means you might have trouble touching it right? In the pictures it looks like it would be easy to touch, which is why I get confused.


hopingc - March 5

I just found out this morning that Im pregnant! My cervix was jumping around- so I guess it is not a strong indication! Right now its higher and softer.. but for a while it was low and harder.. so ladies Gviv is right.. not a strong indicator..


flow - March 7

mine is REALLY high,i can hardly touch it,it feels quite open,and is quite soft,and feels like mucus is covering it...*puke* lol


b - March 7




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