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Tired of it all - March 2

okay im am just about tired of all this haten'. Peopl are on here to ask questions and find out and get support not to be told how stupid they are and how you can send them too jail !!!!


i agree - March 3

I agree , it used to be a nice forum but not anymore !


me too - March 3

This should be a place where women can feel important and suported at a time when they need it most . People who make cruel and hateful remarks do not belong. They must realy hate themselves if they have to put others down to feel good.


Tired of it all - March 3

yeah i know when i found this i was so happy to be able to talk and get ansewrs from ppl who understood and would understand, but then i read one where someone told some girl that since she was 16 they were goona try to get her in jail!!!


what? - March 3

nothing has happened today. why are u bringing this up. and to -iagree- this still is a nice forum. if you dont like it why are u here


me too no.2! lol! - March 3

its people like what? that start for no reason!


what? - March 3

no reason?? im not 'startin' as you say. im just pointin out not to tempt the crazy b___hes. they havent started on anyone today that i have seen so let it go. excuse me but its not people like me that start it, its people like me that try to nip it in the bud. geez ppl, ur just askin for the crazies to get started again... dont say i didnt warn u


Natasha - March 3

Perhaps if people stopped making threads dedicated to them, the haters would have no reason to continue their game. Tempting face with threads like these. Just ignore them, once they aren't getting their "fix" they'll soon disappear. Spend more time replying to women who need advice/support, and don't waste your time on these people, that's including making things like this for them.


E - March 3

I cannot figure out why anyone would be so offended, or take too seriously, anyone with a nasty comment on an internet forum. This is just a website and one can easily ignore anything that they choose to ignore. Who cares if a person tells someone they are going to jail. I am not sure what thread that happened in, but big deal. The person saying that is not of any importance to anyone on the site. The majority of the threads are friendly and helpful but someone will ALWAYS be complaining about the few that hurt their feelings. Move to the better threads.


To what - March 4

Im just saying that when i started looking around this forum a few months ago, i wasn't seeing so much negative comments,but now it seems i see it a lot.But i still like to give advice if i can and just ignore the nasty ones! If a woman tries to start a war with me i won't even finish it, cos it's not worth it ! Life is d__n too short to be fighting with ppl we don't know and we will probably never meet. OK ? Take care !



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