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Shannon - February 26

Hi everyone, I thought it might help some of us to talk about the frustrations that we are all going through right now TTC. Me and my husband have been trying for over a year now with no luck to date. I'm due for AF sometime around the 6th of March so I'm just patiently waiting till then. I don't know about you but everyday can be an emotional roller coaster. Today I've been thinking a lot about all my friends who have been able to get pregnant and now have beautiful babies. I find it so hard knowing that everyone else (my friends that is) can get pregnant the first month of trying. I can cry at the drop of a hat too... I've never been this emotional in my life! Commercials on TV make me cry! Anyways, I thought it would be nice to support each other as we vent our frustrations! I just hope that in the end we all get what we so desperatly want!


Mickie - February 26

Hi Shannon. Let me just tell you that I'm sure your time will come. My dh and I ttc for a year and a half before getting pregnant, and now our son is 2.5yo. We've been trying again for over a year, and still nothing. I'm pretty sure that I had a miscarriage at the end of January, but that won't stop us from keeping the trying process going. I felt the same way as you did Shannon; everyone else has babies, why can't I? When the time was right, and we stopped thinking about it too much, it happened for us. Let me just give you a trick that my gyno gave me: have s_x from day 11 till day 18 of your cycle, put a pillow under your hips as soon as he pulls out (sorry if tmi). By day 11 I mean 11 days after the beginning of your period. That's what worked for us the first time, and we're gonna try again this month if my af doesn't show up by tomorrow. Good luck, and don't let this get you down. Just relax, and have fun trying.


Shannon - February 26

Mickie, Thank you so much! You have no idea how I needed that encouragment. It's hard for me because no one else that I know is going through this so having this forum and people like you to say "hey I know what it's like" is great. Thank you! I will keep you in my prayers as you wait to see if this is your lucky month!


To Shannon - February 26

I remember my friend feeling blue when I had my baby (now 7 years old) and she had been trying for over 11/2 years. She now has a boy and a girl!!!


trixie - February 26

hi shannon, i know wot u mean.i have also been TTC for the last 7-8 months..and my frnds have gotten pregnant in just 1 month. sometimes i feel so bad. i love seeing their babies n playing with them.. but when i am not with them... i keep feeling sorry for myself. today i was tying to open a webpage n it wasnt opening n i started crying. n this has been going on for quiet a while now. i am so touchy these days. just fight with hubby for no reasons.. just thought of dropping a few lines to let u know u are not alone.Lots of love n tonns of *baby dust * to u.. and all others TTC.



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