Life Expectancy Of Sperm Outside Body

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me - October 28

My boyfriend and I had s_x and we use the withdrawal method. We are intent on getting pregnant but arent preventing it either. We are just wading along and if something happens it happens and we will be happy. My question is...we had s_x numerous times around my fertile period. He would ejaculate near my vulva and then push the sperm into my va___a a couple minutes later. Im due for my period in a day or two. I have really sore br___ts and noticable veins on them (but this could be PMS). So, what are my chances that what we did could cause me to be pregnant? Can sperm live outside the body, and for how long? And would the sperm have found their way if not ejaculated while his p__s was inside me. Are the chances of pregancy lower?


kim - October 28

Well I think there is a pretty good chance you could still get pregnant that way. I'm not sure how long sperm live, but what I do know is that they have to be at body temp. I had heard somewhere that it can stay alive inside a woman for up to 3 days. Anyways, wait for your period to come before you test, till then just take it easy. Good luck!


To me - October 29

The withdrawl method, (by the way, it's what my dh and I use) only works when you keep the ejaculation completely away from your v____a. Sperm live as long as it's wet. (You know how men give sperm samples) Anyway, a healthy sperm can live up to 5 days (some new studies say 7) in a good environment. If your bf ejaculated on your vulva, that was mistake #1 (if you don't want to be pregnant) his ejaculate can drip right down to the v____al opening and the sperm, though have a longer distance to swim, still can swim up and find there way to your egg. Mistake # 2 was in him reentering you with the ejaculate on him. If you were ovulating, chances are good for pregnancy. If you want a baby, that is good news, if you don't then you need to understand how bc works. Your chances for pregnancy are every bit as good for what you say happend as if he had just ejaculated inside you fully. Although, the sperm have a longer distance to travel, they can still make their way up. I would wait until your late for your AF before testing. Your b___sts can be due to upcoming AF. Good luck!!!


?? - October 30

not quite understanding why he is pushing the sperm in if you do want or if you do not want a baby. If you do want one, than have him ejaculate inside you. If not, then don't have him push it in. Not quite understanding what you are doing. However, sperm can live as long as the s____n does not dry up. They do die off if not at the right temp too, so please use good judgement.



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