Light Brown Discharge Instead Of Period

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zairy - April 11

Today marks the 3rd day i've had light brown discharge instead of my period. The funny thing is a week before my period was suppose to start i had cramps and bloating the whole nine yards but there is light brown blood instead of my period(starting sat, the day my period was suppose to start). i stop taking my birth control a month ago. the last time i had s_x was jan28. i had a regular period in feb(still taking BC) and in march(stop taking BC) so my question is could i be pregnant or is my body just changeing to get back on track since i offically stop taking my BCP in middle feb? I've been on BCP for 2yrs now and never missed a pill. i took a P test yesterday and it was neg . should i wait and take another?


Jessica - April 11

most likely it is your body changing from stopping the pill your body is getting back on track but if u feel you are pregnant i would take another test.


C - April 11



AmyF - April 11

Me too- I agree with both Jessica and C. Do you have any symptoms besides the brown discharge?


zairy - April 12

nope, i don't have any other symptoms just brown discharge instead of my period but the discharge stopped yesterday and i also took another test yesterday night and it was still neg. so i guess i'm not just my body trying to get back on track..thanks for all your help!


Kerry - April 13

I have had the same and I too came off bcp in the middle of feb but I have had a few of the symptoms (eg headaches, tiredness, weeing a lot, hungry all the time) but all tests keep coming back negative and now I am at a lose end and dont know what to do next. Any suggestions anyone???


Audrey - April 13

Kerry- See a doctor for a quant_tative blood test. That will say for sure whether you are pregnant or not.


Kerry - April 13

Hi Audrey I had a blood test done last week and it was neg. but I am now over 3 weeks late, should I go back?


zairy - April 14

Hi,ladies I've had some light brown flow today but i've taken two pregnancy test already and they have all said negative. like i said before i stop taking bcp in mid feb. since both test where neg i have re-filled on my bcp, and i have been taking them since sunday. i've been feeling a sour stomach every now and then but that's b/c of the bcp. does anyone know what this could be or has anyone gone through this after they stop taking bcp? i'm going to take another test saturday morning to see what is really going on and if that comes back negative i'll set up a appt with the doc. i just want to out rule something. PLEASE HELP!!


Penny - April 27

I am 20 years old and very healthy, Last month(march) I was a week late i was suppose to start on the 18 but i started on the 31 and it was brown discharge the whole time, no cramps, no bloating. In fact i didnt even have to wear a pad or tampon! This is weird considering i have bad periods... I took 3 preg tests.two negative one invalid. COuld it be possible that i have to wait and see this month if i have a period or would it already show up or what? Thanks for any suggestions


cricket - April 27

zairy, go see your doctor. sperm can survive inside you for some time and bcs can be really crazy. you would be pregnant and not even know. be smart about this,if not you can harm yourself and ruin chances of future motherhood.


cricket - April 27

zairy, go see your doctor.let him tell you that your not pregnant. take your health serious, get your doc's opinion


Saydie - April 27

I had cramps and bloating for the first to months and i also had the browish discharge. i am 21 weeks pregnant now, so from my experiance i would say that yea you could be prego.


dsgsd - April 28



jay - June 26

About two weeks I had my period which was 4 days late but it came. And about a week later I started spotting maybe it was light brown discharge. My appet_te has increased lately whats wrong with me?


Zairy - June 26

to any one that went is going through the same thing as me that is ON birth control pills-- i went to the doctor and he said my estrogen levels were low. he mad me take 2 pills a day for three days the he told me to take one pill a day for the rest of the pack and then skip my green pills and start a new pack....



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