Light Or Shorter Period

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Heath - April 4

When a symptom of pregnancy is to have lighter periods....does that mean, Light like meaning barely any blood, or....just REALLY short, usuaully mine last 7 days, but it's been two days and it's already almost gone....ANy ideas????


Destiny - April 4

i really wish i could answer your question beecause i am going throught the same thing mine only lasted for 4 days and was light normally mine are heavy and last a full 7-8 days. can somebody help us out?


Layla - April 4

Waiting for AF it finally came but only lasted 2 days! I'm always 5 days! The same thing happened last month for the first time! HPT's neg so, I started back on my BC. Don't get it.


Destiny - April 4

thanks Layla. anybody else know what this could possible be?


b - April 4



louise - April 4

implantation bleeding can happen around the time of a period, but can be lighter or just spottig. it can even have clots in it too. it can even be as bad as a normal period. so it may be that


Heath - April 4

What is implantation bleeding?


sian - April 5

Ive seen tons of posts on this and no one ever seems to get any answers why is it that its such a common problem but everyone is in the dark. i have had to short periods lasting 2 days with just brown blood, mine have always been heavy and lasted 8 days. im getting a few symptoms but testing neg. i dont understand. anyone with news let me no.


?? - April 5

implantation bleeding does not always occur in every woman.. it is shorter and lighter.. and the duration depends on the woman. Every woman is different..


Grandpa Viv - April 5

Implantation spotting is most frequently noticed a week or so after conception and comes from the blastocyte settling into its new home. Most frequently described as "pink and brown when wiping". Light bleeding at period time is not uncommon in the first trimester of many pregnancies. Coming off BC, it may take several months for the natural cycle to get re-established. The bleeding pattern while on BC is not a true "period".


emily - April 5

Hi. I had a strange af this month. Mostly brown and lighter than normal. BUT, I know it´s not implantation because all of the other factors. My temps went down, and the difference in my cp. I think they are honestly just odd periods. Maybe everyone should temp too, then maybe you wouldn´t have to spend so much money on hpts!! lol. Just trying to help :)


kat - April 5

check out lighter/shorter periods,i will bump it up for you,there are a few of us in a simular situation who still dont know whats going on with our bodies!!



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