Light Period Pregnant

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Dee - June 7

for the past 4 months I have had a lighter period than usual. Like the bleeding lasting only 2 or 3 days. I have had major dizzy spells and different eatting habits. The fact is I keep getting looks, cuz of the way my stomach seems to be rounding out.Is it possible that I am pregnant?


KEEKEE - June 7

Have you taken a pregnancy test??


Montessa - June 7

Hi, 4 months? have you been ttc? I would definetly take an hpt if you haven't already. Sounds like you could be. Any other symptoms other than dizziness, rounding stomach, and light periods?


Dee - June 7

last time I did came out neg. I got off bc in august of last year.i was regular before bc and during and after. constipation and heart-burn. i haven't been under unusal stress. I feel like I am prego my periods before were 4 to 7 days. Then in march went from 2 to 3 days.


KEEKEE - June 7

i would go see a OB/Gyn and ask for a blood test. Make sure you ask for a U/s too. Everyone I know that had pregnancy bleeding needed a u/s to prove pregnancy. Please keep in touch


non-omus - June 7

when did you take the pregnacy test? it takes a while for the hormone which tells the hpt you're pregnant to start getting through your body. if i were you i would take one at 1 month and a second at month 3, just to play it safe.


Dee - June 8

Hey yall I didnt get a blood test but I took another hpt. I'm pregnant. Just faintly there is a plus sign. But it says I am.


kate - June 9

congrats dee !!!!! let us knew !!!! what was your af like---what color --red--pink--wasit muocsy ---did you fill alot of pads---etc....details !!!!


bump - June 10



Dee - June 10

It was like a reddish-pink, mucusy. I only filled 5 pads in 2 days. When my peiod was normal I used like 8 to 10 pads a day. No cramping at all. And I only used 4 pads in my first day (each time for the past 4 months). ANd one the next. It is like I know what is normal with me and I haven't been under any unusual stress, normal stuff. But I will keep you guys updated.


kate - June 11

congrats!!!!!!! wow--it took 4 months to show positive ! i had a weird af this month thought i was pregnant--took a hpt this morning-negative...oh well---good luck to you ! any other sympotms?


Dee - June 11

The fact that I feel weird little fluttery sensations at weird times. Like last night and this morning. An I'm feeling a lil nausiated (not puking mind you). And the packing on the pounds, fast. So my fiance' is excited and so am I.


kate - June 11

one more question dee----what kinf of af did you have? really light---enough to fill a pad--pantyliner---and what colors--only brown--pink--red , was it mucosy , or wettish and also did you take any hpts during these 4 months---did they all come out negative ?


Dee - June 11

Only light enough to fill a panty-liner. But I only used like 5 pads, I never used panty-liners. And there was only a BFN for the first 3 months (1 test once a month). This month was a BFP. A reddish-pinkish mucusy AF. Like before this past 4 months I never had an AF like that.


kate - June 11

thanks dee for responding !!! best of luck !


[email protected] - June 11

I had a werid period MAY14,2005 i came on my period 2 days and half bleeding and started spotting only when i wipe inside red pinkish blood. i came on a week earily but a light period it won't fill a pad i had s_x on my ovulation days. but i started too have lightheadness were i just won't to sleep. DEE can you tell me about your dizzyness.


Dee - June 11

well it didn't start till like b/w a month, a month and a half ago. Mainly when I go to sleep, or if I have been standing on my feet for a couple of hours. I only eat when I am hungry, so it has nothing to do with hunger. I find that the only way I comfortably sleep nowadays is on my stomache. Cause my back hurts too much to sleep on it or either side. But as for the reason I used so many pads. Is that I changed them every so often.



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