Light Spotting I Don T Know Where Else To Put This Help

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cecilia - December 9

I'm about 14 weeks postpartum with my dd and I've started spotting - very light and bright red. Is this a period? I'm freaking out. Last year at this time, I was 13 weeks postpartum with my ds. I had a small period that actually resembled normal menstruation, but my milk supply was depleting and I had to supplement with formula. A few weeks later I found out I was pregnant and the 'period' was actually implantation bleeding. This spotting isn't anything like I'm used to and my milk supply is fine but I'm not feeling so hot. Since it's been almost two years since my last *actual* period, I can't tell the difference between menstrual pains and morning sickness! Could I be pregnant... again?


bump - December 9



bump - December 10



Cecilia - December 10

Here's another question... How soon can I take a home test to find out for sure if I don't know when my last period was???


please help! - December 13



Christine - December 13

Wow...are you using any form of birthcontrol? or are you trying again to conceive?...I'm not sure...After both of my children I bled for about 3-4 weeks..lightly...and then had normal periods from what I youngest is 41/2 its been a while...I do know that b___stfeeding is supposed to lower your chances of getting pregnant...It does seem like you should be now late for your period...I would go get a test and try it tomorrow morning...You should of had a normal period by 8 weeks after birth (I think)...good luck


Cecilia - December 13

Yes, we were/are using condoms and a diaphragm… BUT... one time on Thanksgiving we were out of town, didn't have anything and figured if I didn't have my period yet, it would be ok just once. Well, guess not. Take them as they come, but I really would have liked to wait a few years! I'll be taking a test soon. If I did conceive on the 25th of Nov, that would make the due date on the 18th of August and only 5 weeks along. Is that enough time to tell?


Grandpa Viv - December 13

If you conceived on or about Nov 28 then next weekend would be a good time to start testing.


Cecilia - December 13

Thank you Grandpa Viv! I really didn't want to spend $10+ just to get a negative result if it was too early!!!



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