Lighter Shorter Periods

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angel_girl - March 4

I too am having most of the symptoms of pregnancy, but with periods and negative hpts, and blood test. I finally demanded an ultra sound. I go in on Monday for an ultra sound. Wish me luck.


Coco - March 5

Good luck angel_girl on ur u/s and let us know the outcome ! Fingers crossed for u !


caz - March 5

I think when you are ttc your periods can be different to usual - mine certainly have been - really heavy on the 1st day then virtually nothing. Maybe it's conception that doesn't implant? Just a thought..


kat - March 5

hey coco,how are you? my email is


kat - March 5

hi becky,i also have pulling in my stomach,especially if im doing heavy work lifting etc,ive not put weight on just the bigger stomach too............


kat - March 5

GOOD LUCK angel-girl,make sure you let us know how you got on,i hope its good news for you :o)


kat - March 5

sorry to hear about you m/c enail,caz you could be right about conception that doesnt implant but i wouldnt have thought it would have affected af for 4 months,but who knows! good luck ttc girls :o)


Coco - March 5

What do u mean ladies when u say it affects af when TTC ? Do u mean that each month we could have been preg but ended up in a m/c ? sorry , i don't understand.or u all doing today ?


Coco - March 5

sorry typed to fast, i was asking how are u all doing today ?


kat - March 6

hi ladies! angel-girl please let us know how your scan goes tomorrow..........hows things coco and becky?


bump - March 7



maryj - March 8

on feb i knew my period was not normal, it was heavy 1day and light the next only lasted 3days and my normal cycle is 5days. ever since my period stopped ive been getting this clear whitish discharge everyday. im due for my next period on 16march too see what happens and if this discharge will still c_m, i pray im pregnant...haha. btw i did have pregnancy signs but i dont want to get my hopes up.


Becky - March 8

Well, started "af" on Monday the 7th... but is WAY lighter and short (just spotting now, and is just after midnight, Tuesday morning). Had a few cramps during the day/morning. But were short and not as bad as normal for my af. Last month had short af but really bad cramps. Took a home test yesterday, it had a very faint pos, but then it disappeared after a few minutes (the pos was there in the 3 minute frame, disappeared afterwards). So I'm still hoping.


Becky - March 8

Ok... Today I am just spotting now (after a light bleeding yesterday). I am going to try to test again probably tomorrow morning...


kat - March 8

good luck becky keep us posted


to all........... - March 9

anyoe else had unusual periods?



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