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to all........... - March 9

anyoe else had unusual periods?


sharon - March 9

i have same problem!only one light period since nov 24th and im more than 2weeks late for this month but negative tests!im so scared because if this isnt pregnancy then what is it?!im waiting for my smear test results and im so stressed incase there is something wrong with me.


Candee - March 9

I had light short periods (lasted 2 days) since Sept. (we were ttc) - also the cycles were becoming shorter and shorter (I even had 24 day cycles some months). Originally I was a "normal" 28 day cycle lasting about 5 days medium flo. I wonder if it has something to do with the stress of ttc??? But don't worry - there is hope I am sure... I am now 9.5 weeks pregnant. Good luck to u!!


Mitch - March 9

My husband and I have been ttc for 2 months now and since then my af have been lighter than normal and the discharge is different. I thought I was pg last month and after several negative hpts, I went to the Dr. for a blood test that also came back neg. I am curious to see what happens next time. It is very frustrating since I have been a reg 27 day with a 5 day af that goes light heavy light for as long as I can remember.


Becky - March 9

well, I am totally done after two days. First day was a light flow. Second day started that way, then evolved into just spotting, then nothing. I am going to test tomorrow I think (figured I'd give it one more day to multiply if I was ;) ).


kat - March 9

sharon let us know how you get on-when you had a smear test didnt they do an internal to tell if you were pregnant or not? candee thats interesting,maybe it could have something to do with the stress of ttc.......congrats on your pregnancy! mitch,becky and maryj let us know how you get on-it might help us others understand whats going on with our bodies abit more(although i know we are all different!)if you are about angel_girl we'd love to know the outcome of your scan?


Coco - March 9

Hi everyone,well i still feel the bubles in my belly and still beleive i could be pregnant, but in this country ( UK ) if u test -ve, they won't help and label u as "crazy" , so i have decided to stay away from this forum for a while and to let time tell . Good luck to everyone TTC and congrats to all the pregnant w/m !


sharon - March 10

im still waiting for smear test results,its been 2weeks and they said they would send a letter in 10 days!doctor only did smear test,i told her i had a negative test when i missed my last period in belly is huge and if i lift anything slightly heavy at work like a pack of shampoos it hurts my lower belly.going to go back if period doesnt come this month,im over 2 weeks are you doing Kat?


kat - March 10

hi sharon.i know where you're coming from-when i do heavy lifting it always pulls on my stomach,have you tested since december? im really trying to accept im not,and i know coming on here isnt helping but i cant stay away! lol! i think maybe im just crazy-lol! keep me posted anyway :o)


sharon - March 14

hi Kat! any news yet?i still havent got a period or smear test results!


kat - March 14

hi sharon,no just waiting,i think my belly is still growing though! next af due25th so have to see what happens there! they are taking there time with your results arent they! keep me posted :o)


kat - March 15



sharon - March 16

im still waiting,they told me 10 days for a letter to come with results but nothing after 3weeks!no period either but sore belly when i move too much or lift anything and feels like a washing machine. its hard to tell if im getting bigger from fat or pregnancy?!my af is due again 23rd of march.


amron - March 16

i saw the problem you guys are having, and i think i have the same problem. My period is always about 7-8 days long i start light the first day than days 2-6 light than than brown part. But this time was weird I got my period on the 10th and than it was very light on the 11th on the 12th it was going away but than on the 13th i got spotting i usually have to wear a tampon but i didn't have to this time. I was having some pregnancy symptoms but the PT came out negative and the Blood pregnancy test did too what can i do.


amron - March 16

i met from day 2-6 they are heavier


kat - March 16

hi sharon,maybe you should contact your docs to see whats going on,have they suggested an internal to see whats going on?



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