Lighter Shorter Periods

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kat - March 16

hi sharon,maybe you should contact your docs to see whats going on,have they suggested an internal to see whats going on?


kat - March 16

amron theres not much you can do,just play the waiting game like us lot! have you spoke to your doc yet?


G - March 16

I am having similar problems. I am having the cla__sic pregnancy symptoms- bloating, headaches, nausea. Then, I missed my period, which was due last Saturday. But, this morning, I think I started my period- but it is a lot lighter than usual. Am I pregnant? I am very stressed out about this- because I really want to be pregnant.


amron - March 17

yes i spoke to my doctor, and like i said they did like 2 urine test and 2 blood test but they came out negative. I was having the symptoms for a lil while than they went away and thats when i got that light period. Is the a chance that i might of gotten pregnant not too long ago maybe before i got my period cuz thats what happened to my sister she got pregnant before her period came, so I don't know i mean i've been nausea, headaces, and one special one that cought my attention was i've been havin like a cramp in my lower abdomen but it comes and goes. well good look to you guy talk to you later. ;)


kim - March 17

Kat, I have irreggular periods. Sometimes when I have one it is very light, only two days and I only spot a little. It could be a hormone imbalance. That is what is wrong with me. I have alot of symptoms that can be confused as pregnancy symptoms. Its like PMS all month. So maybe you need to have your hormone levels checked out.


Brandis - March 18

Not that I want to scare you, but I have been going through the same thing for the past 2 years. I am 23 years old and the reason for me was because I had HSIL cells on my cervix. I had surgery to remove it before it became cancerous but because of the bad cells my period went from a heavy 8 day cycle to a mid-light 4 day cycle. It wouldnt hurt to have a PAP and an FTS and LH blood test. Good luck


kat - March 18

thanks ladies,seems strange i sudenly get a change in af first af after ttc though!


caitlin - March 18

I read several books about pregnancy and some of them mentioned this possibility: some women may have what seems like a period in the first trimester, each month having a shorter and/or lighter bleeding than the last. By the 4th month, the bleeding usually stops altogether (although there are a few women who may bleed a little throughout the pregnancy). Usually, as long as there is no severe cramping, or bleeding w/clots, you could still be pregnant. My grandaunt was one of the rare women who had a "period" throughout her pregnancy and gave birth to a healthy child. If you haven't had a blood test yet, I would recommend getting one. Good luck!


kat - March 19

thanks caitlin,i live in uk and my doc wont do a blood test,the way he sees it is that the hpt is neg so im not,but then what explains the period changes,growing belly(not fat either!) thats harder than usual and light cramping that i have alot of the time! in 50/50 as to if i think im pregnant or not.


sharon - March 19

is still have no news either! i also have cramping on and hips and back are really sore.


sharon - March 20

i think i got my period today,it was 4 weeks late again like last one. at the moment its just brown discharge but will have to wait to see if its a normal period.if im not pregnant at least i can try this month and maybe have a chistmas baby!!!


kat - March 20

hi sharon,have you come off the pill in the last few months? maybe why your periods are playing up,how long have you been ttc? keep us updated!


sharon - March 21

its normal! never been on pill.but have always had irregular periods,they have always been every 5 weeks and some times i will miss a month.i think i was getting stressed as this is first time ttc. i think i need to fill my time up with hobbies and let nature take its course. have you any news Kat?


kat - March 22

hi sharon,no news yet,its hard to just relax and let nature take it couse when you want a baby so bad! but we'll get there(hopefully im already half way there-lol!)


amron - March 22

well my periods have been regular after i stoped taking the pill and that was about 3 yrs ago. So what seems to be te problem i don't know. My QUESTION can you get pregnant 2 days before you period thats what happened to my sister so maybe i'm pregnant and don't know it. GOOD LUCK LADIES


AMRON - March 22




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