Lighter Shorter Periods

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rachel - March 28

hi kat, well i wishing you all the luck and fingers crossed for you, when are you going to test, you have to keep me informed. i have 2 children already, i conceieved natrual on first and had clomid for my second, going to see if i can buy a test from somewhere today, as having little flutters in my tummy by my belly b___ton, do you think it would be to early to experience them feelings as not sure if it could be all in my head, as want to be so much


amron - March 28

HI EVERYONE!!!!!! yeah i guess i'll have to wait i have an Appointment with my doctor i'll have her do a pregnancy test. Whats weird is that when i drink coronas i get half way down the bottle and i start having abdominals cramps and not feeling good. i' scared i'm gonna stop drinking just in case. GOOD LUCK


sharon - March 28

im from london. not got any kids,if i did i might not be as stressed.are you going to test again?


kat - March 28

rachel i think it may be to early to experience flutters but the again i could be wrong! good luck with the test! amron keep us posted on the docs! hi sharon,i know what you mean i think id be a little less stressed if i already had kids,well still brown spotting no blood so yeah i will test at the end of the week if still no af,i was prepared to accept that im not but this has changed things abit!


Donna - March 28

hi i had my period on the 20th it only last till 22nd and it was light im normally heavy and it lasts a bit longer i find myself going to the toilet more that normal i havent taken a test yet or gone to the doctors i have strarted to feel sick and dizzy can you help me i dont know if i could be pregnant


Donna - March 28

my period was also 5 days late because it as due on the 15 please help me


kat - March 28

donna you should test,gl!


Rachel - March 28

well hi to all again , i done a test today and it was negative, so i convinced now that i not pregnant , never mind fingers crossed for next month hey! Still cant understand about my symtoms and only had a 1 day very light bleed. Any suggestions?


kat - March 28

well rachel join the club! still not understanding this light period stuff! maybe you should test again in a week or so,but in the mean time keep trying :o)


Rachel - March 28

hi kat, yeah will keep trying, dont orry the more practice the better Ha Ha. Got to go to hospital next monday for blood test to see if i ovulated, as currently on clomid to help with conceiving. Hopefully no period this month


sharon - March 29

im going to try this week as if that was a normal period i should be ovulating on sunday. good luck with your test!!!


rachel - March 29

Hi again, i think i am def ovulating as i have really bad pain in my side and feel bad pressure in my stomach, as if i am full up and eaten way to much, do yo uunderstand what I mean, Have n e body experienced this or am i going simple? Im on day 15 now so i putting it down to ovulation, means that my hpt was neg. let me know how you all get on, good luck to you all.


kat - March 30

well girls-ive come on today,after 5 days of slight spotting,so far it seems light again though.just gotta keep trying i guess(still cant find an explanation for the lighter periods and growing belly though!)


Sam - March 30

Kat i am sooo in the same boat! My last "proper" af was dec 13th in jan i had nothing at all in feb i spotted a bit and since yesterday af has kinda come its more than before but still not enough to go onto a pad and thats strange for me! I am a plus size so i cant really tell if bellys getting bigger but i think it is getting rounder nd sticking out more behind my belly b___ton also i have sore nipples and blue veins all over my b___sts! Good luck to every1! xxxx


coco - March 30

Hey Kat, it's me again. Plz go to the doctor,yell, cry, beg, anything , but plz make them check u out. 5 days of spotting and light period? it's not normal , at all.U can't just guess anymore or think "oh well ... " If it's not a pregnancy , something is wrong. Put ur mind at rest, so u can take care of ur unborn child or at least u can ttc correctly ! Baby dust ur way ****


mika - March 30

i think its safe to say your almost always late on AF when your ttc



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