Lighter Shorter Periods

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mika - March 30

i think its safe to say your almost always late on AF when your ttc


kat - March 30

sam have you seen a doctor yet?.............coco check your e-mail :o)


Sam - March 30

Kat- No i couldnt get an appt until tomorrow although i think i have af after 3 months of nothing so im not sure if im goingto bother going. I went to a&e last week to try get a scan by telling them i was in pain and i was told they wouldnt do anything unless i was miscarrying and asked me 2 leave! And i have been told my doc wont do anything until i get a posotive htp! Grrrrrrrrr


amron - March 30

hey i was cheking when my ovulation date was and it said march 24th - 26th and funny thing is i had intercorse on them days. Well still haven't find out if i'm pregnant or not, talk to ya'll soon


coco - March 30

thx Kat, will get my reply shortly.


kat - April 1

how are you girls doing? any news :o)


Sam - April 1

Well what i thought was af has now stopped and i hve noticed a little pooch where my belly b___ton sticks out slightly but all i can do is wait and see! Baby dust to all xxxx


kat - April 1

good luck sam :o) docs are just totally useless arent they-lol! i take it you are in the uk aswell? as in america they seem so much better!


Lynn - April 1

I don't think it is just in the UK. I just went to an OBGYN in the US because I was having pregnancy symptoms, including enlarges b___sts and an obvious pooch. All she did was a pap smear,a urine test, and an quick exam. She said the test said not pg, and the exam showed everthing was ok. But even though I asked, she could not explain the symptoms, including the pooch and the shorter/lighter periods. Either I'm pregnant or something else has to be going on that is not ok. It can't be in my head, or my periods would have stopped. I'm beginning to think Dr's don't know what they are doing any more.


kat - April 1

hi lynn,how long has this been going on for you?


Lynn - April 2

The first shorter period was around Feb 25. By then, I was already tired often and urinating more. By early Mar, all of the other symptoms kicked in. My b___sts were defiantely fuller (I usually wear a 34 C, but it is now too small), my abdomen was slightly swollen, mild nausea, increased cm, veins more noticeable on chest and thighs,etc. I know it can't be psychological, because I wouldn't be having my period at all. But , the doctor just said I wasn't pregnant and that everything was ok. It can't be normal to go from a 7-8 day heavy period w clots to a 4-5 day period w less bleeding and no clots. The funny thing is, the morning I went to the dr, I finally got a faint positive on a hpt test, but her test said no. I guess I have to see what happens when my next period is due. If it is lighter than the last one, and I am still having symptoms, I'll just have to go back to the dr. I might go to a different one though, or maybe to Planned Parenthood or an abortion clinic. I hear they are more likely to agree to a blood test w/o a positive urine test.


Lynn - April 2

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention that I always feel when I ovulate (I get an achy pain on one side of my abdomen for several hours before ovulation which steadily gets sharper until ovulation and then goes away). I did not ovulate in Mar. I have ovulated every month I got a period, so it would be an interesting coinincidence that I didn't ovulate so soon after attempting artificial insemination and not be pregnant!


rachel - April 2

hi all, how you all feeling.well me i am so confused, the bleeding that i told you about that i had for 1 day, which was very light and pinky, does anybody think that this could have been implantation bleeding, and if so when can i test would i have to wait until my next period is due until i could do so please help as dont know wha to think


kat - April 2

that all sounds promising lynn! good luck with the next test,keep us posted.


kat - April 2

hi rachel,it could have been implantation bleeding,why dont you buy a pack of 2 tests,do one now as it may be pos if you've implanted,if its neg then wait til after your next af is due.good luck .....


rachel - April 2

Hi Kat, how you feeling? Any news for you? Well i have done a test but was neg, but someone was saying to me that it wouldnt show until i miss my next period, so not sure whats going on really, suppose just have to wait, my period is due 1 week on monday so if dont see any thing then will test again, also Kat do you think thrush could be a sign, I have also got itchy nipples that come and go but they are very sensitive and sore to touch. Keep me informed in how you get on. Good luck.



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