Liklihood Of Pregnancy While On Birth Control For A Long Tim

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Tara_from_PA - February 2

Greetings. This is my first post on this board. I have a question and I hope some of you can offer answers or advice. I am 29 and have been on birth control (BC) for about seven years. About every two years my OBGYN changes my BC and this past September '05 she switched me to Yasmin. I am usually very, very good about taking my pills and rarely miss doses. However, at the beginning of the new year I wasn't able to get my refil on time because my hubby and I were visiting family far from home. As a result, I missed two pills in a row. As many of you know, this means that I was supposed to wait a week before enganing in unprotected s_x again. Well...we didn't. ;-) Now, I'm having multiple symptoms of pregnancy. I was supposed to get my AF on Jan 23 and didn't get anything until Jan 24 and what I got was just a bit of spotting that lasted till the afternoon of the 25th. Normally I am like clockwork; never late. I always get my AF on a Monday and it goes strong through Saturday. Even while on the pill, I still got a good six days of AF. But this month, nothing but a little spotting. I did an HPT on Jan 31 but it came up negative. It was a cheapo so I'm not sure if it wasn't sensitive enough or if I'm truely not pregnant. Is it possible for someone who has been on the pill for as long as I have to get prg after missing just two pills in wk1 of a new pack?


Tara_from_PA - February 2

Anyone get PG immediately while on BC for a long time? I am still having tons of symptoms (nausea, cramping, bloating, headaches, tan/brown nipples, sore b___bs, sooooo tired) and the suspense is killing me.


perin - February 2

Hi Tara, I think on the pill it is possible to get really light periods. Although, with that being said, I know that I've heard of women getting pregnant on the pill when they've missed a pill or two. I would say that if you keep feeling like you are PG, go to the doc for a blood test. That would ease your mind. I feel your pain, I was sick with an upset stomach during the first week of my pills this month and also accidently missed one ... now, I'm feeling nauseous (in the morning mostly) and not having my usual AF symptoms yet. I'm not late until Tuesday, so we'll see. Good luck to you and for whatever result you are hoping for.


Tara_from_PA - February 3

Thanks for the response. I was just re-reading my initial post and I messed up the days of my AF...I must have been looking at the wrong month. lol...My AF was actually 4 days late not 1. Oh, well it doesn't matter anyhow. I did an HPT this morning and it was negative. I guess I'm just crazy. That's what my DH thinks anyway. I started taking prenatal vitamins just in case and will keep a close watch on things. Thanks for the support.



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