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jeanette - August 28

Nice dip ; )


Lin - August 28

Thanks for noticing! :-) I had wretched cramps all day today, too, but I'm trying to convince myself it's just a coincidence and was only gas. How are you doing? Where are you in your cycle? I don't think I've seen your chart in awhile. Have you been charting since you started trying again? There are a few girls whose charts I used to stalk, but I seem to have lost track of them.


krissy2006 - August 28

Jeanette, how do you look at peoples charts??


Lin - August 28

People have to post them first. You can see mine here:


2ndtimeround - August 29

HI Lin! hope u don't mind but i went and had a look at your chart... i've only just started charting.. (CD3)... so i'm pretty new at it. if i understand yours then u O on CD13??? i've been reading about charts but sometimes the words just confuse me, so seeing yours (the picture) makes more sense...


jeanette - August 29

LOL, yeah thats how we all do it to keep from obsessing and driving ourselves crazy. I have too many coincidences to take anything as a 'sign' anymore, LOL! A below coverline dip is awesome though, especially accompanied with cramps. I'll be waiting to hear of your bfp in a week or so, most hopefully! You have been waiting a long time, girl....Yeah, I have been charting & ttc for the last 2 cycles after the m/c. Here, so you can stalk, lol: -- I'm on a new cycle and back on my supplements. I see you tried EPO this cycle, looks like it worked for ya! I love it...


Lin - August 29

Just took a look at your chart, Jeanette. I guess it's a bit too early to look interesting. I see you're taking EPO as well. Is this your first month taking it, or have you tried it before? I think it did a good job for me. I normally don't have any noticeable ewcm (just watery), and I had some this month. It seemed to increase my cm overall and not just the ewcm. Let's just hope it did the trick. I actually never read much about it before until last month when someone (can't remember who) who'd been ttc for a long time said she got pregnant her first month trying it. I figured, why not? I know that's not very scientific of me, but at this point I feel like I could almost consult the tea leaves, if you know what I mean. I definitely agree with your comment about signs. It's so funny every month to see people get super excited over the smallest possible signs (I know, I know, I did too at the start), and I just sit back thinking "yep, had that one a number of times. Uh huh, that one, too." I'm still convinced that my one obvious symptom, if there's one at all, will be sensitive nipples. That's probably the one symptom I haven't had at all since ttc. 2ndtimearound - Of course I don't mind you looking at my chart! I put it there to share. Yes, I O-ed on cd 13. That seems to be what my body's settled on, though I've also O-ed a few times on cd 12 (and later, like cd 15 or so, in the early days after the bcp). My cycles are usually 27-29 days long. Are you charting on FF? If so, make a homepage and post it! I could use a couple new charts to stalk. ;-)


socalmom - August 29

Lin I hope this is your month! I've "stalked" your ff chart a few times. I've been thinking about temping but this is only my 4th month ttc. If I do, I hope I can come to you for advise...I always like to read your posts you are very realistic! and I like that!


Lin - August 29

Thanks, socalmom! Yes, of course I'm always happy to chat about charting. I started charting my 2nd month ttc, and I'm glad I did. I'm *much* more in tune with my body than I've ever been. After today, I'm not so optimistic for this month (though that's part of my goal, as I don't want to get my hopes up). I forgot to use my opks at the appropriate time this month, so I thought for fun that I'd use them to decide whether or not I should take an hpt early. Well yesterday there was a faint line on the opk, and today it's barely there at all, so it's not looking good. I know that doesn't tell me anything for sure, but I'd rather a__sume at this point that it does indicate the negative. If I get + hpt, then I'll just be all the more happy. I guess I'll know it about a week.


bernadetteoc - August 29

Just wanted to say good luck Lin! Baby dust to you!


Lin - August 29

Thanks Bernadette! Right back at you!


2ndtimeround - August 30

Good Luck Lin! Like i said, i've just started charting, using FF... i'm only on CD4 so there isn't much to look at.. :-)... but i will definitely "share" it..... i'll make the homepage, just first have to figure out how.... LOL... i'm going to go get some EPO... sounds like a good idea, if not why not.... i was with a friend last night, who said it helped her sister while ttc.


jeanette - August 30

Hey Lin, yeah I have taken EPO for a long time...even before my m/c. I was even taking it when we stopped actively trying cause I figured the omega vitamins were good for me anyway. It seems my cm gets better every cycle using it. And dont get your hopes up on the pos opk, I had to experiment and got a pos opk at 11dpo last cycle and then bfn. I think it does work if you are pg, but some of the girls on FF were talking about a possible slight secondary surge before AF due to estrogen increasing? Not really sure of all the details...all I know is that I got bfn's on hpt's , yet a blaringly pos opk on that one day. I dont think it should be counted on one way or the other, as a precursor to bfp or AF.


Lin - August 30

Yeah, that's why I'm only using opks to decide whether or not I should test early. If the opks get darker, I'll test early, otherwise I'll just a__sume af is coming and wait. As I said, yesterday's got lighter, so it looks like I'll be waiting. At any rate, I certainly wouldn't take a positive opk as meaning anything definitive on its own. By the way, what are you using instead of EPO during the latter half of your cycle? I read that you should replace it with Flax Seed Oil, because EPO can cause uterine contractions and shouldn't be taken during pregnancy. Just wondering if there's something else more appropriate. 2ndtimearound - From your FF charting page, go to Sharing --> Home Page Setup, and you can create your home page quite easily. You can even change the url of your page to be what you want, as Jeanette and I have done.


jeanette - August 30

Lin, I switch to an 'Omega Complex' after ovulation. (Omega 3-6-9 ) Which is fish oil, flax oil and borage oil all combined. I get mine at gnc, but I've seen it at walmart too. Either of them alone is great, but I prefer to get the benefits of all of them.


Lin - August 30

Ah, I see. What are the benefits of each of those? Maybe I should do the same. Sorry if you've answered that over and over on this forum, but I've never seen it.


2ndtimeround - August 31

thanks Lin. i did manage to figure it out... home page on FF... busy working on it... i'll let you know once it's ready... ;-) i also read up on the EPO, only to be used before O, then replace it with something like FSO ( like u do) for the rest of the cycle. anyway, nothing else to say.... have a lovely day....



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