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Megs - February 12

I just checked out your chart and I wanted to say YEAH for having a normal chart this month again!!! :-) Last month was so irritating to me, i can only imagine to you... I thought I was looking at my page by accident! LOL Good luck this go around! :-)


frozenfeet - February 12

I wanted to say the same to you Lin...I'm still stalking you and hoping for you and your dh!! Best of luck!


LIN - February 12

Thanks, ladies! :o) Yeah, my chart was awful last month, especially since it was actually accurate...I really did O on cd 5 or 6! My dh wasn't even in town at that point, so not only did I miss my IUI, but I also didn't even have a chance to bd before O. I think our timing was perfect this month - I had my worst O cramps the morning of the IUI - but I'm trying not to get my hopes up. The andrologist who prepared the sample for it did another Kruger morph, and it was only 4.5%. The total motile count was 42.5 mil, though, which is great. The doc was so optimistic and sure that we'd get pregnant within a few tries until she got the report back on the Kruger morph, and then she started talking about giving it a couple tries before moving on to IVF w/ ICSI. :-(


turtle - February 12

Hi Lin. I saw that you are on Progesterone also this month. Was that part of the deal at the start or did they change things on you? How are you feeling? I know we are all wishing you the best!


LIN - February 12

That's apparently my clinic's normal protocol for injectables cycles. They also do a blood test at 14 dpo, whether my period starts or not. Of course, my period won't have started by then, since my normal LP is 16-17 days and Prometrium is supposed to lengthen it as well. I can't decide if I want to do an hpt beforehand or just wait for the blood test results (though I'm sure I'll break down and do the former). I've been testing out my trigger, and it's already almost gone at 4 dpIUI/6 dpt. I'm feeling ok. I think I've had a bit of OHSS, because I've been really bloated and have had quite a bit of ovary pain. It feels like they're really swollen. Today is much better, though. How are you doing? How far along are you now? When do you get to do an u/s? I'm so very happy for you! : )


turtle - February 13

Hi, Lin...Glad to hear that they include the prog. I really think it helps to regulate the hole thing. How many follicles did you end up with? I am doing well. Still in shock. I wanted to tell you something...remember when I had my 2nd month of cysts and I was asking if I should just go ahead and take the clomid anyway? You had told me to wait it out and I did...that month. Last month I was so upset about not being able to try again that I took the clomid for a few days and then got nervous and didn't take the rest. I know, I know, very stupid! TTC can make you act like a real child at times and that wasn't one of my best moments. Anyway, conception did happen!! :) Don't know how much to make of it but your the first I told other than my husband. I took a lot of other things too and didn't have an IUI like before so I guess I'll never know and I really don't care LOL. The one thing I dislike is the way people say things like "See, we told you to just relax" or "Things happen when they are supposed to". On well, no complaining, right! I am about 5 weeks. My beta was 550 on Monday and I have one more in the morning and then an US next week. You are really in my toughts, Lin. You are a smart, outgoing woman who WILL have a child! Counting down those days with you! : )


Megs - February 13

LIN! LOL Sorry, I like wrote the post and forgot about it... haha! So glad things are on track right now! Is this the first month you've been optimistic about it all?? It's the first I can recall you mentioning your timing being perfect... So your numbers on the SA, I don't know what is good or bad so I'll just go with I hope everything gets better... :-) Turtle, that's so wonderful to hear!!! So THRILLED for you!!!


LIN - February 13

Barf, I hate it when people say things like that! People can be so well meaning but thoughtless when it comes to infertility. We just told my dh's parents for the first time that we've been trying for so long. Naturally, one of the first things his mom said was "friends of ours decided to adopt and bang, they got pregnant!" and " you know, they say that if you just relax..." They mean well, but d__n if they just knew how annoying those comments are. What was even worse was her immediate a__sumption that our infertility must be my fault. My dh didn't tell them about his c___ppy morphology (he doesn't want people to know), so his mom immediately started asking what was wrong with me and wasn't I ovulating and have I had blood tests, etc. *sigh* Anyway, regarding the the morning before I triggered, I had a couple follicles at 16 mm, a couple at 14 mm and *lots* that were under 12 mm. My doc had me trigger a bit early, because they were growing fast, and she wanted me to trigger before the little ones got big enough to trigger and increase the risk of multiples. At the rate they were growing, I imagine that by the time I ovulated, the bigger ones were probably 18-20 mm and the smaller ones 16-18 mm. While it's not totally clear, I estimate that I probably had 4 follicles big enough to release after the trigger. We asked the doc to do a Kruger morph at the IUI this time, and that unfortunately came back at 4.5%, so I'm very cautious about being optimistic. Thanks for the well wishes, and congrats on such a great beta! How exciting that you get to do the u/s next week! Best of luck with your pregnancy!


BrendaW - February 13

Hey Lin! When are you going to test??? I am right in front of you at 7dpo. 4 good follicles WoooHHOOOO that is awesome. It is okay not to get to excited LIn, I completely understand that one! We will get excited for you :) Hey you should put pics up of you and DH on your FF site~


Megs - February 13

Multiples huh?? :-) that's exciting! So I'm curious, how did you answer all those questions with them a__suming it's you and Dh didn't want them to know??? WOW. That's difficult... I have learned that not everyone is heartless, even the ones that are not dealing with or delt with infertility! There is HOPE! LOL :-) I can't wait to see how this cycle turns out... Remain optimistic, it'll do you and the future beans a good.


frozenfeet - February 14

I was just stalking your chart today, I know you don't read to much into dips because you've had them before and I know it's only 5 dpo for you....BBUUTT.....I like what I see!!!!! Wishing on the biggest brightest star in the sky for you***********


woebketwin - February 14

Hi Lin. I read your post that you O on CD 5 or 6? What do you or your doctor think caused that? I am asking because last month my DH and I did not do an IUI due to travel issues, but my AF came 5 days early which means I O'd CD 9 or 10 instead of CD 14 or 15 like normal. This cycle we are doing an IUI (currently CD 10) and I am concerned that I will O before the IUI.....


frozenfeet - February 14

When are you planning on testing Lin???


LIN - February 15

I'm still testing out my trigger. It still had a faint line on it this morning. As soon as I see a stark white hpt, I'll stop testing for awhile and see how long I can hold out (though I'll definitely test before my beta). Woebketwin - my doc didn't offer any explanations for why I ovulated so early, but I think I just over-responded to the Clomid. I just did my first round of Follistim, and I think I actually overstimmed a bit on that. I've never had any problems ovulating on my own, and I've always been pretty responsive to medications, so my progress on the meds doesn't really surprise me. Are you doing Clomid or injectables this round? Are you temping? doing opks? Frozenfeet - thanks a bunch! :o)


woebketwin - February 15

I am doing Clomid this cycle. I used a BBT for about a year and then decided it was too consuming for me so I stopped. I am doing my u/s tomorrow to check the follicles and then schedule the IUI for Saturday or Sunday. It was very strange that I O'd early last month since I was not on the Clomid. I guess i will find out tomorrow what the status is. Thanks for your reply Lin!



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