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sunshine7610 - February 23

Hi Lin, just wondering have you used femara? I think I remember reading that you are doing injectables now but was curious if you have used femara in the past and if it helped you more than the clomiphene. I just got back from my Dr. and he wants me off the clomiphene since I've been on it for 6 months so far with no luck. Although I was ovulating with like 2-3 follicles per month but still no pregnancy. And he says that is what probably caused my polyp since clomid effects the lining. He also mentioned injectables to me but I couldn't believe how much they cost! He said $1500 (canadian) for a cycle! Yikes. Do you ever just get so depressed about doing all this stuff? I came home from my appt and just started bawling. I feel like nothing is working, nothing will ever work and I am destined to be childless for the rest of my life. I used to have hope each cycle thinking that this was the one. Now I'm feeling so negative and bitter about everything. I'm just so depressed about it right now and need to vent.


sososleepy - February 23

Yes! Vent! I cry a lot too. Venting helps. I don't have any answers re injectables, but I can totally relate to ttc depression. It rots, and the 2ww makes it worse. After you have a good cry, and a nice feet stomp, have a cup of tea (or your favorite whatever) and yank back some of that hope. It can happen, it might happen, it will happen! Now would be good, right? Yeah, me too... hang in there.


sunshine7610 - February 23

Thanks. :)


LIN - February 23

Hey sunshine. No, I haven't taken femara. My doc has had me on follistim, and it's worked quite well for me so far. It can definitely be expensive. Even with 50% insurance, the drugs, ultrasounds and IUI cost me US $1000-$1500 per month. I can see why your doc would want you off clomid. There has been a bit of evidence that taking it for extended periods can increase your cancer risk, so that's why most docs won't prescribe it for more than 6 months. I'm glad I moved on from Clomid, because I've reacted much better to the injectables, and my lining has been much thicker. Yes, I do get depressed about it, and that's perfectly normal. Cry when you need to and curl up unto the fetal position when you need to. That outlet is important and shouldn't be stifled. In my experience, it really is a roller coaster with ups and downs. Sometimes I feel entirely optimistic, and I just know it actually will happen one day, and then other times I feel like I just want off this crazy ride. But I can't stop. I can't give up. Not yet. Best of luck to you!


sunshine7610 - February 24

So what exactly is follistim?


LIN - February 25

It's just FSH, though I guess I should have mentioned that it's called Puregon in Canada. It's a gonadatropin used to stimulate follicle production. It's different than Clomid and Femara. My understanding is that Clomid tricks the pituitary gland into thinking that your estrogen levels are low, which results in the production of excess FSH. Femara blocks your estrogen to the same end. Follistim/Puregon actually *is* FSH, so it's more of a direct means of stimulating your ovaries.


sunshine7610 - February 25

Ahhhh. I've heard of puregon. I didn't know they had a different name for it in the states.


patrizia - February 26

hi sunshine--i live in italy and PUREGON is oftenly used here..i tried it and the first month i had NO response . the sencond month i did it togather iwth a drug called MENEGON and i developed a polyp that i had removed. with these d__n injectables there is always a flip-side. my RE has me only on progesterone supplements right now.


sunshine7610 - February 26

Hi Patrizia, the same thing happened to me but with clomid. I developed a polyp and just had it removed a month ago. So now I'm on to femera/letrozole for next month. Out of curiousity, how long did you have to wait after the surgery to start ttc'ing again?


patrizia - February 27

hi sunshine- i started to ttc again on the next cycle. i got my polyp removed on jabuary 15th. anyway-- things are so confusing to me. my RE only put me on progesterone supplements. i dont knew why she choose that method for 4 cycles !!!!!!!!since i have ovulatory problems. what meds are you on and what are they for ? i am ttc for 2yrs exactly ! how about you ?


LIN - February 27

My doc has me on Progesterone supplements as well during the LP. It's apparently their standard protocol for injects cycles. I think that's rather common.


sunshine7610 - February 27

Hi Patrizia. With my doc, I temped for a couple months and since my charts were wonky, he put me on clomid. Before I was seeing my doc, I think I was ovulating sometimes but I'm not sure because I was always getting these big cysts on my ovaries almost monthly and some would take a couple months to go away. They may have been just hemorrhagic cysts from ovulation but maybe I wasn't even ovulating. ANYWAYS the clomid worked well but then I got a polyp. And since I've been on clomid for 6 months with no luck I have to do something else. After I got my polyp removed my dr. told me also that I could ttc after I got my next period. So now I've had a period but my uterine lining still looks a little gungy. I was just wondering if you heard something different about length of time before ttc. It's weird that you're dr. hasn't put you on something to help you ovulate since that is the problem. Why don't you ask him? Is it a fertility doc? or your family doc? Next cycle I wil start on Femara (Letrazole).


patrizia - February 28

sunshine- i have been seeing a reproductive endocronolgist (RE) for over a year now. my situation is a bit complicated. i had a lap done last year (march30th) to remove cysts and then they also found an endo cyst. my "problem" is lack of ovulation---hormonal. so they put me on injections. that did not work at all ! they thanks to the over estrogen in these FSH meds i developed a polyp , which i had removed removed. when i went to me RE for the follow up visit she wanted me to stay off injections for a bit (since i also have a cyst that does not want to go away it seems) and decided to put me only on progesterone on days 16 to 25 of my cycle . i will have to do this for 4 months (untill june.) she said if you get pregnant we will see each other before june if not i go back on injections. she wants me to try the progesterone to help even out my hormones and to regulate my cycles. i am not crazy about this idea but i kinda dont have a choice. i wish she gave me something to help me ovulate also but she choose not to for the time being. ahhhhh--- this is all so fustrating.


twotimesthecharm - February 28

I have taken 6 cycles of Clomid up to 150mg with no pregnancy and took Femera and now 6w4days pregnant. The first cycle I took Femera was after a m/c and I don't think my body ovulated but after my next cycle after the m/c I took Femera on CD3-7 and BFP for me. My RE said that Femera is so much better on lining and it doesn't linger in the system after the cycle end. I hope this helps. If you want to look at my charts I am at FF /home/Sugabear.


sunshine7610 - February 28

oh wow. okay. so you've been through alot more than I thought, Patrizia! The waiting definitely sucks but I guess if that is what will give you the best chance at conceiving then you have to do it. Who knows....maybe the progesterone will do the trick! And thanks Twotimes...that gives me hope that femara will be alot better for me than the clomid was. Fingers crossed!


Emma3477 - March 28

I can recommend a reputable pharmacy (Femara) - I received the order and it was on time and the pills work great.



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