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LadyD - June 12

Lin (anyone) I have a quick question I think you may be able to help me with. I'm pretty sure you know a lil about my history here as we've communicated a few times. Anyway: Currently on CD20, I have a 32 day cycle, give or take a day, last af was 8 days late which completely threw me off because it's never ever happened (possibly due to yeast infection??). According to the online charts, I should've Ov'd this past weekend. On CD16 had very slight cramping, CD17 some watery cm, not much. Now I am assuming I was leading up to ovulation or ovulated but I haven't seen anything since. My concern is I had a fight that stressed me out this weekend could that have thrown ovulation off because of the stress? Can ovulation be interrupted and cause me to Ov later? I know I should be temping so that I know for sure, I will be doing it soon if I don't get pg. I think by my 6th month of ttc is good enough. I already have a daughter & don't remember too much from that pregnancy. Thanks, any advice/opinion is helpful.


staci - June 12

Lady D, I know that stress can cause ovulation to be delayed, therefore causing af to come later..Do you chart anything else to help you know when you are going to O? Like cp, or any other signs? Some women have tender b___sts right after O because of increase in progesterone-hmm I can't think of anything else right now. You could also start using opk's if you don't want to start temping yet..Sorry I'm not of much help..good luck!


Lin - June 12

Stress can cause ovulation to be delayed, but it's also possible to not have any ovulation symptoms on the day you actually ovulate. If you ovulated on cd 16, and that is indeed typical of your 32 day cycle, then you'd have a 16 day luteal phase. That's on the long end but by no means unusual. My guess, though, is that you ovulated within the couple days after that. Unfortunately, without temping there's no way to know when you actually did ovulate. All you can do is wait and test if af doesn't show. I wish I could be more help, but if there was some other good indicator of ovulation, I wouldn't bother temping! Temping really is your best bet to understanding your cycles.


LadyD - June 13

Thanks so much ladies. I already knew about stress delaying ovulation but I was more or less concerned if it can be "interrupted." I don't get signs & symptoms of anything. I swear I am a Once in a blue, my b___sts swelll before af or get a lil sore, sometimes a cramp or 2. Actually, last cycle, I think my body was developing symptoms of Ov, which I though was days of gas. I know it sounds silly, but that's why we are all here, to get some advice & opinions.



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