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Megs - January 11

I am going to have my DH have a DETAILED SA done in May... Since I'm paying anyways, I want to make sure we cover everything! What all do I need to make sure they get the results for??? Morphology, is mobility one?? Thanks so much!!


sunshine7610 - January 11

I think when they do a SA, it's pretty much standardized in how they a___lyze it. But some places might not be up to date in how they a___lyze them. So if you have a good fertility clinic around, I would think they would be up to date with the best way to a___lyze sperm. But to answer your question, they're looking at motility, morphology, sperm count, s____n volume plus other stuff.


LIN - January 12

Yeah, I think a s____n a___lysis is a s____n a___lysis, and there's not a whole lot of difference in what they test. You want the volume, the concentration, the motility and the morphology. There are two different scales of morpholgy based on two different sets of criteria for what denotes healthy sperm, the strict morphology (Krueger) or WHO standards. It's important if you get two SAs (and you *should* get two, since faulty SAs are not uncommon) that you make sure they use the same criteria for the morphology in both of them, so you can compare the two values meaningfully. They often break down the motility into subcategories of rapid progression, slow progression, etc. and give them a rating. You may get also get a measurement of the viscosity (how easily the sperm chug through the seminal fluid) and agglutination (how much it clumps). If your dh has a high viscosity or agglutination, it makes it harder for the swimmers to make it through to their destination. I hope that helps!


Megs - January 12

Thank you ladies!! I just wanted to approach this smart and I had NO clue what to look for! :-) Thank you again for your help. I am just going to MAKE sure I am getting what I'm paying for. I want to know NUMBERS! LOL


BrendaW - January 12

If the first test comes back looking pretty good, should you still retest?


LIN - January 13

Good question, Brenda. In my non-professional opinion, I probably wouldn't bother with a 2nd one given good results on the first one until after 1 year of ttc. Then I think it's always a good idea to have two to compare, since there can be a lot of variation. For example, if there was one good SA and another with some low numbers, it would probably be a good idea to get your dh on some antioxidants just to make sure the environment down there is healthy and the goods are flowing through the pipes properly. KWIM?


Megs - January 13

LOL Lin, I LOVED that explanination!! :-) Thank you for yall's input! I have copied and pasted the info so I don't forget it!!!!!! (It will be May when we have this done so.... I don't trust my mind in other words) Haha!


BrendaW - January 14

Thanks Lin! Good Luck Megs!



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