Lin Can You Help Again Please

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Boo b do - February 6

Firstly, good luck to you this cycle. I have been following your progress on the other threads. I hope your turn to get a BFP will soon be here. Lots of baby dust your way. I was wondering if you can help me, I have been searching the web for information on what happens to your temps after the luteal phase? My progesterone level on CD 21 was 124.4 this month, which is the highest it has ever been. When I had the cysts from the clomid, the previous highest reading I ever had before that was 42.5. I did not take any meds this cycle or the last but did temps and the fertility monitor. My monitor picked up a 'peak' on CD12, which apparently means that ovulation will take place in 24-48 hrs after that. I also had a temp dip which apparently confirms this? I was due AF on the 4th of this month, nothing as yet, but I noticed my temps have dropped the last couple of days? I have taken a test and it is -ive. I do not have sore bb's, just st_tch pains in my right side occasionally. My last blood test taken in November specified that I had not ovulated then, that was the time period when I had the three 5cm cysts, my cycle was 50 days back then, the following one after that with no meds was 27 days. A scan confirmed the cysts had shrunk to 9mm. This cycle I am on CD29. Any ideas what is going on? I've waffled on, but what i really wanted to know was what happens with your temps after the luteal phase? Any knowledge you have would be appriecated.. Many thanks


LIN - February 7

I hate to say it, but temps dropping along with negative hpts is a pretty strong sign that af is on her way. On the bright side, it sounds like you definitely ovulated, so congrats on that! You're still not out of the game yet, though, so good luck! As far as temps go, they can do lots of different things. I've had my temps rise during the LP all the way until the morning af arrived and then sharply drop. I've also seen pregnancy charts where the temps never got particularly high until well after a + hpt. It's hard to say what to expect, because our temps can vary quite a lot from cycle to cycle. I know I've had some huge variations in my charts. As for what happens beyond the luteal phase in pregnancy charts, it's hard to say, because most women stop charting shortly after they get a + hpt.



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