Lin Gt

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BrendaW - February 20

So you are spotting today? That doesnt seem normal for you? How is everything? how are you feeling?


LIN - February 21

Hey you...sorry I didn't reply earlier. I've been working 12-14 hour days lately, and things have been a bit crazy. Yeah, the spotting's not normal for me. It seems to have grown into somewhat of a light flow, so I'm a bit confused, because I'm only 12 dpo. I'm seriously starting to think that the Follistim severly shortened my luteal phase this month (which is normally 16-17 days!). I don't really know what to make of it. I need to call my doc and schedule my blood test earlier, because if this really is my period, then I need to start my stims in a couple days. I don't know how I'll manage to get in for a blood test, ultrasound and order meds in that time, though, with all the insanity going on at work. I don't know...something for me to think about tomorrow...gotta get some precious sleep now...zzzzzz


VenusdiMilo - February 21

Oooh Lin! I really hope that spotting is implantation going on. I just can’t wait for this journey to come to an end so you can move on to the next. I really look up to you for being so strong and not giving up month-after-month. Hang in there…your day is coming!! *~*~*~*~*~*~* Baby Dust *~*~*~*~*~*~*


BrendaW - February 21

That sucks lin if it is a shortened luteal phase. That doesnt really help with what you are trying to do here. I am just hoping for you the bleeding stops and doesnt get heavier and it is implantation :) I will hope that for you k. I would ask your doc if it is normal to have a shorten LP with the shot. maybe there is something he can do to lengthen it. Good luck getting everything done~ I know how hard it is when work is crazy and you have to get personal stuff done! Let me know what happens.


LIN - February 21

Good morning! Thanks so much, ladies! I appreciate the optimism Venus, but I'm afraid it is a short luteal phase this month. My temp dropped to 98.07 today, and the spotting turned into a substantial flow yesterday afternoon and has only gotten heavier. I just set an appointment for my cd 3 u/s tomorrow and a beta (which I'm sure will be negative). On to another month of stabbing myself in the gut every day...


BrendaW - February 21

Sheesh Lin that sucks, another round of shots. We will stay optimistic though and say hopefully this time around! (I have to tell myself that every month) Hey you know, every month is one month closer to the one that it will actually Happen! Is DH still taking all his pills? Best of Luck to you


Keeli - February 21

Yikes! I didn't know those injectables could shorten your LP. Are you taking progesterone after o? Good luck with this month, Lin!! :o)



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