Lin I Miss You

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soimpatient - June 1

Hi Lin, I know we never really chatted much before but I have to say, I miss your candid, honest responses on this board. I'm telling you, in some cases they are desperately needed and I just can't find the voice to replace you:) Where are you!???


Lin - June 1

That's so nice of you to say! I haven't been around much lately, because I started a new job a couple weeks ago. So I'm only on in the evenings and do a much more general sweep of the board. I haven't been reading every post like I used to, particularly when it's something that can be answered if people would only use the search function. It's also because we've put off ttc for a couple months while I get settled in my new job, so I'm not even charting at the moment. So I see from your chart that you're on cd 1 now. Sorry to hear about af! How many months total is this for you now?


soimpatient - June 2

Well congrats on the job!! That's awesome! Keeping busy is a good way to distract from the stresses of TTC. I bet you will get pregnant when you aren't trying! Yes, AF showed up but I knew I wasn't pregnant anyway and I am kind of excited because on cd5 I get to start clomid! My gyn says that I probably don't ovulate every cycle and because my periods are so irregular it is really hard to tell. DH had his sperm tested and they are good swimmers. Anyway, it has been over 9 months of TTC and I'm excited to get a kick-start this month. Oh, if you are looking for a good laugh, check out the General Pregnancy board and look for some posts by Godhelpme. (to everyone else, I'm not being mean, but they are seriously funny!)


Lin - June 2

Thanks! Congratulations on starting Clomid! That must be so exciting after the very long cycles. I hope it helps. Who knows, maybe it will overdo its job, and you'll end up with twins! As for my ttc adventures, they'll start soon, but I don't think there will be any happy accidents this month. Hubby's out of town. I'll see him in about another week or so, but I think it'll be too late anyway. I'm actually glad, because then we won't be tempted to try, and I'll have at least one more guaranteed month of no pregnancy. I really do want to get into my job a bit first and have a couple more months of guaranteed income to help pay off some student debt before getting pregnant.



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