Linea Nigra And Not Pregnant

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Zakiyyah - July 6

Okay I have a question for you ladies. I have suspected I was pregnant every since May but I have 4 hpts and two blood tests that prove otherwise. I would be 13-14 weeks now and I had decided that I would just keep quiet until I had proof b/c no one believed me. I've never been pregnant before so I'm not taken seriously at all. When I first thought I was pregnant I was having all kinds of symptoms...nausea, queasyness, extreeeme fatigue, sore nipples (and my nipples are NEVER sore)...but since then they've all stopped. I had a period in May that was just spotting and one in June that was 3 days (not normal) and yes, I still believe I'm pregnant. I rented a fetal doppler b/c I figured that if I found a baby's heartbeat of course everyone would then believe me...but I'm having trouble with it and I started believing that maybe I am crazy and I'm not pregnant. BUT, a couple of days ago this dark line appeared on my stomach. It starts from my belly button and goes all the way down to my pubic hair. I know its the dark line that pregnant women get called the linea nigra and it's presense has made me even more sure that I am in fact pregnant, BUT has anyone ever had this line appear and then not been pregnant?? Please help!!!!! I want to buy another hpt but I dont want to be disappointed again.


Zakiyyah - July 6

Oh, the only pregnancy symptom that I have now is bad headaches. My head hurts every single day. I dont take anything for it b/c I think I'm pregnant. But its a very persistent headache that sometimes lasts most of if not all day.


zoe - July 6

i think i might be pregnant as i just got that line and it getting darker.not sure if it can be sign of period or something?!


Mica - July 6

You really need to talk to a doctor. Maybe go to Planned Parenthood. Just let them know what's going on. Maybe you'll get an ultrasound to see if there's a baby in there. It's important to know. best to you!


Zakiyyah - July 8



viv - July 8

You could do what some ladies on here recommended, go to the er saying you were having bleeding and have them give you an ultrasound... I could never do that because I just can't lie, but evidently it works. I would definately try and get an ultrasound, as you may be one of those very few women who don't register hcg for some reason! I think this early it would be hard to find the heartbeat yourself. If you don't want to go to the er, find a dr you trust, an obgyn, and tell them your situation. Tell them what exactly has been going on and tell them you need to put your mind at ease and would really like an ultrasound. Your insurance may make you pay for it, but it would be worth it to know the truth. And that way if you're not, then you can quit worrying! Good luck, I hope you get the outcome you are hoping for!


Zakiyyah - July 8

Yes, but I dont have insurance and that would end up costing me over $1500 in the long run. I really want to know if I'm pregnant or not...I think I am, but that doesnt really count for anything esp. if you've never been pregnant before. I did take another hpt and it came out neg. I dont think the line would just appear for no reason....this is really starting to make me upset though.


Grandpa Viv - July 8

It's difficult to believe you are at the end of the first trimester with -ive hCG, though there have occasionally been posts that a__sert this has happened. Ovarian cysts and gland/hormone upsets can mess with your cycle and give you preg signs. You may have to face up to the expense of seeing a doctor to get straightened out. Good luck!


Lisa*9 - July 8

Zakiyyah I too have felt like I was going crazy. Fortnately I do have health care and was able to go for a ultrasound, to comfirm that I was not indeed pg. I felt pg for more then 19 weeks. I had one hpt taken - . Doctors test and blood test taken both - . I gained weight 10 lbs in 19 weeks. Had all the pregnacy symptoms even the new one which develope into week by week . Whenever I heard news which contridicted my belief of being pg, I cried. I was an emotional rollercoaster during the false phamptom pg. I am not a person who tends to make things up for attention. I to was pregnant before twice. During the time of the false pg I had lighter periods lasting two to three days long half the lenght of a normal period. I was 19 w 4 days when I started to feel normal again. This was before my ultrasound was done. My hormons went back to normal. It was so weild,but nice. When did you start to feel pg.. If you want to email me you may at [email protected] . If you want to discuss this issue more. It is not like I don't believe you but you can get support from somewho has been there resently. Lisa


Zakiyyah - July 9

Thanks Lisa, I need someone to talk to about this :)


Zakiyyah - July 10

Okay Viv, what exactly do I tell the doctor in the ER. I'm not going to go to the ER though, I'm going to go to the county hospital where its free (if you dont have much/any income)...but I want to make sure I'm taken seriously and they give me an ultrasound. So what exactly do these ladies recommend doing?


DK - July 10

I have had pg. symptoms and signs and ignored it. Now my stomach has grown(completely of my clothes). I was wearing a 5 and 6. Now I could be at the beginning of my eight months wearing a size 13.(from 110lbs to 145lbs) I look pregnant and be feeling movement in my lower abdomen. I have been getting negative urine test and hpts. Pelvic ultrasound showed no cyst and tumors. They said I could have gastrointestinal problems, but I know I do not have that because I am not having abdominal pain. Plus my sister has gastrointestinal problems she has bad heartburn, she can't eat because of the abdominal pain and she is losing weight. My sister was 200lbs now she weighs 155lbs. I am the complete opposite of her. Her stomach is not swollen it feels funny. Her stomach is soft and mines is hard. People can feel the movement in my stomach and I see my stomach move. I have told the doctors this and they have ignored me. I am just waiting to see my stomach go down whether it is a baby or not.


Zakiyyah - July 10

That doesnt make any sense. So you're eight months pregnant and you look eight months pregnant, and the doctors dont believe you?? Thats crazy...your ultrasound didnt show a baby in there?? I think you should continue going to the doctor and making appointments until they tell you whats up....maybe you need to switch doctors too.


DK - July 10

They did not try to look for a baby, because the doctors told them I was not pg. I went to my sister ultrasound and I watch the tech. She did mines different from my sister because my sister has gotten ++++ tests. She actually took the time to look. She checked my pelvic area but check my sister stomach. She looked carefully with my sister. If they did not get positive from the doctor about pregnancy they will not look. She never touched my stomach which is the thing that is swollen. Alot people say did you tell them you feel movement or did you tell them your stomach is hard. The doctors first question are you pregnant when I tell them this and I say I do not know because of the conflicting urine and hpt test. When I test - they ignore anything else I have to say. They do not even do a fetal doppler to here a heartbeat. I have all the symptoms my sister have, but I have been feeling movement long before her which would mean I am farther along than her, but I have spent too much money going to the doctor for them to tell me nothing is wrong. I will just pray to God nothing bad happens and wait and see.


To DK - July 18

I think you should rent a fetal doppler and find your baby's heartbeat yourself. That way you can go to the doctor and they will take you seriously right? There are many places online where you can rent one, just google it. Best of luck!


B - July 19



DK - July 19

They did a fetal doppler on me and said we heard a heartbeat, but she grab my arm and started testing my pulse and said it was my heartbeat. It was found in my lower left abdomen. I told my friends and family and they said my heartbeat would not have been that low. My friend said you cannot hear your heartbeat in your stomach only on the points that have a pulse like your groin area, your arms, your chest but not your stomach.



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