Liz And Hailey Are You Out There

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Carol - April 28

Hey girls! Liz, I saw a post from you on another board, so I am assuming you are back from your amazing vacation! How was it? Hailey- what is going on with you?


Liz - April 28

Hey Carol!!! I couldn't find the other post. I am glad you started a new one. Our vacation was awesome!!! It was beautiful weather and it was really nice to be alone w/ dd. Of course I missed my daughter very much near the end. How are you feeling? Hi Hailey- what's up. It hit the right times this month...if you know what I mean : ) We shall see. I should be getting af (or not) between the 6th and the 8th of May.


carol - April 28

Liz - not too long to wait!! I hope it all works out for you this month. I bought a few things for the baby. A couple of unis_x outfits and (i couldn't resist) Black velvet shoes that look like Mary janes! they were 50% and I figured if I have a girl I will want them at Christmas and wished that I had bought them when they were on sale! And if I don't have a girl, I am sure that I will know someone who will in the future. I am now counting the days until school lets out - 3 and a half weeks to go! It seems like it can't come soon enough this year. I just want some time to myself. I need to enjoy it as it will be the very last summer on my a way I am sad about losing the me time. I so enjoyed that, but I guess it will be worth it and I can always have my hubby take care of her - it is a two way street afterall. I am so gald you are back! I have missed having you to talk with!


Liz - April 28

You crack me up! I KNEW (instincts I guess) I was havig a girl and you sound just like I did. That/s so great you bought some things. Don't buy a lot of newborn things as everyone seems to give them as a shower gift and they gorw sooo fast that they grow out of them so soon. You will still get me time. It's so important for your sanity. You need to come up with a plan w/ your hubby so you get some time to go to Target or a bookstore ALONE. I know it sounds kooky but you remind me of a younger version of me. I love time alone. I missed gabbing with you too. You are out early. What grade do you teach again? We are out the first week of June here in Illinois.


Hailey - April 28

hey ladies! Liz i am glad u had a great time on ur vaca! I hope that may is ur month! Carol- i hope you have a little girl! hehe, thats awesome that u bought a few baby things! Is ur belly growing yet? u must be at week 11? what week can u tell the s_x? Still no af for me...but all neg preg tests...bought a dollar store one the other day and it too was i am not preggers this month....will see fiance end of may, hopefully i will have had af by then!


Liz - April 29

Hi Hailey-you still haven't had af? Can you check w/ Dr. to see if this can happen after going off the pill? He may want to give you a blood test.


Hailey - April 29

I will be home if i haven't had it by then I will call my DR and see what she says...i hope i am preggers and the hpt's just aren't working...but i haven't had any pregnancy symptoms..i feel totoally normal, who knows! do u really think i could be pg tho? i've stopped thinking that I could possibly be


Liz - April 30

Hailey-I just wonder why you wouldn't have had your period yet. When I went off the pill it only took a month for my system to get straightened around.


Hailey - May 1

Yes, my friend who just had her baby boy brought it to my attention that it has only been a month since i saw my fiance.....could i be PG and the hpt just aren't picking it up? The last hpt i look was like the week of April 17th maybe? Dollar tree hpt! lol


Carol - May 2

Hey girls! Hailey I agree with Liz - you need to go to the dr. If you haven't gotten AF and you are not PG something isn't quite right. Better to go and get it checked out! Liz - I teach 6th grade English our last day of school is May 25!!! I can't wait! My last summer! Of course it seems to people that we get out early, but we go back to school August 15th!! So, it all works out the same in the end. I am not sure why we do it that way...I guess because the weather gets nice so early here and the kids have terrib;e spring fever starting in March - there in no way that they wouls make it to June without driving everyone crazy!!! I dont think I would make it either - it is so beautiful right now - all you want to do is be outside. So, how are you feeling? Any symptoms????


AmyF - May 2

Liz! You're back! Glad to see you had a nice vacation- this is our week to to try and of course, dh has to fly to Delaware for a conference. Oh well- maybe next month! Everyone else on this thread- hi, how are ya..... . I should be getting my af around the 19th or so.


Liz - May 2

Casrol-I knew you taught English but now I will try to remember it's 6th grade! I bet you are counting the days. We get out the first week in June and go back (I think) the last week in August. You have to enjoy your summer! Read a lot of good books. I missed reading the first few years. All I read was parenting books!!!! AmyF-How goes it? I had your problem last month (March) I was visiting my parents with my daughter and hubby had to stay behind and work. This month we were on vacation alone at the magical time. We shall see. No symptoms yet! I will know by the end of this week whether it worked or not. Fingers crossed!


Hailey - May 2

Hi ladies- I am going to call the Dr's office and make an appt for when i get home! may 11th. I don't feel like i am going to get AF soon...but who knows. Carol- How have u been feeling lately? belly growing at all? Liz- I hope that this month is it for you!!!! I am keeping my fingers crossed and can't wait to hear! So the end of this week? yikes! heres some baby dust for you! I feel like i am more excited to find out than you are!!!!hahaha. have a good day/night ladies! I forgot, where are you all from? Here in New Hampshire it's almost 4:30..for some reason I thought u guys were from out west?


Liz - May 2

Hailey-I live in a suburb of Chicago. I am trying not to get my hopes up. I don't have any signs so it may not be my month. Last time it only took three months but I am older (asnd wiser-ha ha) this time around so who knows. Have a good night all!!!


Liz - May 2

I read your post and responded to you on b___st feeding. I hop all around this board. I hope I land on the 1st trimester board soon : )


Carol - May 3

Yup Liz, that was me! So glad to know that I am not the only person left in the world who does not want to b___stfeed! People try to make you feel so guilty about it - like your child want be as smart - personally I don't see how b___stfeeding can make your child smarter - you aren' t transfering brain cells! Could you imagin me b___stfeeding and then going back to work - what would a cla__sroom full of 6th grade boys think when my b___bs leaked!! Yuck! Don't give up hope on the BFP - You just never know. lately i don't feel PG at all - I am not showing much and I don't feel too bad anymore sooooo I guess it is kind of good and I should enjoy it! Hailey - can't wait to hear what the doctor says!


Hailey - May 3

Carol-My friend who just had her baby just stopped b___stfeeding...she did it for about a month..then he started getting really gasy so she gave him soy and that did it! She was so tired from b___stfeeding/pumping all the time. Last time i went home her mom watched him and she hung out with me and a 2 other friends and she has to pump twice that night and leaked a lot because she fell asleep before she got to pump the 2nd don't feel bad for not wanting to b___stfeed! Glad to hear that you are feeling better! Liz-i have a feeling in my bones that you WILL get a BFP! don't get discouraged, u might be a lucky one that doesn't have symptoms!!! and I can't wait to hear what the DR. says! Don't know if i will go back on bc or fiance and i are thinking of getting married in June 06...and then we will really start ttc..i've been off it for about 3 months now, i don't wanna go back on it and then have to come off and wait to regulate af/ovulation....ahh! i duno what to do!



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