Loads Of Cm And Spotting Am I Preggo

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navygirl - April 10

hi, i have always enjoyed coming to this site to read the boards. you all are wonderful ladies, and thank you for the reassuring words...anyway here's my story. i have a 28 day cycle. my lmp was mar 14th. i was with my husband a week straight for a vacation from mar 18th--mar 26. i felt the sharp pain in my left side to let me know that i had o'd when i was with him. on mar 30th i had some yellowish discharge and some slight bleeding, just when i wiped (sorry, tmi!!!) since then i have been feeling sick to my stomach, i have bad headaches, and i have the evilest mood swings ever!! i thought af was going to come to town to visit me, but she hasn't come as of yet, but she is due on the 11th. i had intense back and abdominal cramps when i had the spotting on the 30th. i have been cramping ever since, and also for the past few days, when i wipe( tmi again, sorry) there is a little bit of blood on the toilet paper. also, to go along with it, i have loads and LOADS of egg white cm, and it's different than the kind i get when i ovulate. i mean, this stuff is VERY slimy (SORRY!!) i lost my appet_te and the only thing i can stand to eat or drink is oranges or arange juice. i have been testing like crazy but i have lost all hope because the test keep coming back negative. has anyone had any signs of pregnancy and tested negative, only to test positive after their period didn't come. anyone please feel free to reply. thank you.


Mamaleo3 - April 10

Hey Navygirl, we are in the same boat.My last AF was 3/14, BD on 3/25 and have the same spotting,cramps,CM as you.My Dr. advised to take a test on 4/15. I think we are PG. Everything points to it!!!! Good Luck to you, sending baby dust!!! Sounds very positive for both of us!!!!


navygirl - April 10

thank you Mamaleo3 for the response!!!! yes, i think i am going to wait to test again. i read that some women don't get positive test results until they are well into their 3rd month. sending baby dust your way as well!!!!


MallorySunshine - April 10

Hey Navygirl and Mamaleo, I am right along with you gals! my last period was on 2/14 and i'm not due until the 11th as well! But I have all the same symptoms, cramps and sore bbs, peeing alot. I have also been testing like crazy but they all come up negative. It could still be too early for all of us. I thought friday afternoon AF had come but the blood was... different looking. And that was all there was! It was completely gone all Saturday, and today (sunday) I had some brownish-spotting (tmi, sorry!!) Its a few days early for AF, what could this be?



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