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liannem - February 13

Hey me and my boyfriend have been trying for a baby, and its driving me mad, all this waiting. Even though i haven't had any signs or symptoms, its a long waiting game. I'm sure some of you ladies are in the same postion, so if any of you wanna wait with me, feel free xxx :D


Shandy - February 13

Waiting is driving us nuts! When is AF due for you? I expect mine Friday.


ANSWERS? - February 13

My ovulite microscope says I have been full ferning for the last 5 days. Will wait with you and yes it drives people nuts!!


LN030905 - February 13

Hey ladies! My af isnt due until NEXT WEEK!!! lol!!!! I feel like I have forever to wait. I have been having some pains and twinges here and there, but really think they have nothing to do with being preg-lol-im only 5dpo as of today. Ive been experiencing them for almost a week and half...so who knows. Good luck, ladies!


liannem - February 13

Hey everyone, my af isnt due till the 27 of this month, so got another 2 weeks yet and is already driving me up the wall. It is ever so frustrating, having to wait all this time, maybe just to get a Bfn!! All we can do is hope ey girls. good luck to you all xx


Shandy - February 13

Will this be everyone's first? We are trying for our second, I have a 9 yr old son too.


liannem - February 13

This will be my first, so not sure what to expect really, all new to this. Awwww hope everyone gets the result they are hoping for. xx


liannacathryn - February 13

I'm suppose to have my period any day, but the last two weeks have been driving me crazy too! If AF doesn't start this week I will be taking a test....this is the worst part....wait wait wait!! I love the support on this site!


liannacathryn - February 14

I gave in today and tested and sure enough I got a positive!!! I had a feeling I was, but since it is my first I had no clue what to expect! My best advice is to listen to your bodies and you will know! Good luck to you all...lots of baby dust!!


LN030905 - February 14

Congrats Liannacathryn!!!!! What a wonderful Vday gift!!! I tested, too!!! BFN!!! I sat myself up for that though!!!Im only 6dpo!!! lol!!! Im so bad!!! How long had you been trying for? Any outstanding symptoms? Congrats again!


Shandy - February 14

Congrats! I tested last night and got a bfn too, but I am only 10 dpo, still to early for me too. I'm so happy for you!


liannem - February 14

Hey everyone awwww congratulations liannacathryn! Hopefully we will all the that result soon, fingers crossed for you all. Have a wonderful future and hope everything goes brilliantly for you, am not sure when to test, when do you will be the best time? xxx


Shandy - February 14

Someone else posted this website and I checked it out, it's pretty cool! It's mostly people who have tracked thier symptoms and then got a bfp! www.twoweekwait.com


liannem - February 15

Hey ye that website is very helpful. Do you think i should test even if i have had no signs or anything? xxxxxx


Shandy - February 15

I'm a test-a-holic! It might be a long shot becuase AF is 5 days away for you but if you get the dollar tree tests you're only out a buck if it comes up negative.


liannem - February 15

Ok then i probably won't test this month, unless i feel anything or any different. Hoping i will but hey can always try next month :D xxxx


babyc11 - February 15

I'll wait with you guys too. I'm not sure when I ovulated, but my LMP started 1/29 and I have been having these awful pg symptoms since around 2/9 or 2/10. I'm not technically due for AF until 2/26, so I'm thinking I might test with FMU on Saturday the 18th...not sure if anything will show up or not yet depending on when I O'd.



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