Longest It Has Taken For You To Get A BFP HELP

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Treybugs Momma - May 2

Alright ladies. What is the freakin longest it has taken you to get a BFP??? I am at anywhere from 15dpo to 19fpo (I didnt chart because I am lazy) and I am still getting BFN but it has been 34 days since LMP??? These ladies with thier BFP at 9dpo 10dpo blah blah are driving me nuts!! LOL No offense ladies with the blessed pee that gives you two lines!!! :)


callie2008 - May 2

lol!!! blessed pee!!


Preggo - May 2

lol .... I'm on day 65 with nothing yet too! I figure if I'm gonna get AF its gonna be by Tuesday because its the New Moon. Moons phases seem to always effect my menses. I'm gonna wait another week to see what happens. I tested yesterday morning and got a bfn too but we'll make it thru too. And when we do girl then its gonna be your time and you'll be beaming. I have faith for you . I know its gonna happen :-)


Preggo - May 2

For me,I know now that I ovulated late and not when I thought


lillybug - May 2

OMG Preggo, do you always have long cycles? I'm on cd 92 today!!!!!!!!! crazy!


Preggo - May 2

no ,lillybug, I don't normally. They normally last from 35-45 days. My last cycle before this one was 44 days. I fell like freak c___p right. My bodies hot, hormonal as hell and I got zits galore. If AF or BFP doesn't get here soon... I think I might be suicidal,lol joke though .... how about you? is this abnormal for you too?


stinkab - May 2

Now this is my kind of forum, I am currently on CD 41, and think I am 22DPO, so a pretty long luteal phase. Got BFN's so far. Looks like we are all looking for the answers, but I read the other day someone who got theirs at 28 DPO...I'll be mental by then!


Treybugs Momma - May 2

Ok well now I feel better that I am not the only one with these freakin long cycles!!! Preggo We need to get out BFPS in the same month because you are fantastic!! Lilybug 92 days and I will be sacrificing a goat or something! Stinkab thanks for joining the group of non blessed pee pee ladies!! Preggo 65 days WTF???? God must be a man to be so cruel!! LOL ALright well I took a break and went down to my pool. I live in a super nice condo complex and guess what was down there?? Oh yeah TEN hot firefighters in training from Canada. They must eat thier wheaties up there because oh my goodness were they fine!!! Nice ripply muscles, rock hard stomachs and leg muscles to die for. Now I am a happily married woman but cmon now when you get some eye candy like that....Ya gotta look right??? LOL Needless to say I let the 5yr old stay at the pool for 2 hours. hehe Hubba Hubba....Oh and one of them intrudced themselves and it turns out they will be my next door neighbors for 6 months. SIGH Sometimes condo living has its pluses. Not that I am getting and but I have something good to look at while I am being morose!!! XOXO


Treybugs Momma - May 2

BTW Callie I have been following your other thread closely! DId you test again??????


Treybugs Momma - May 4

lalalalalala I am so bored!!! Someone talk in here already!!!


Treybugs Momma - May 4

Well ladies I woke up this morning and no AF. I am starting to get p__sed. Why cant I get a BFP? I just read on the Baby Med site that at 15dpo the average woman had 40dpo in a blood test. So they said most women at 15dpo wouldnt have enought HCG to show up in a urine test. That is what they are saying anyway. Thought this might raise our spirits a little bit. I took another test today and I got a BFN. I am going to the doctor on Tues so I will not take another test between now and then. I say that now anyway. LOL I want to ask her to do a blood test but I kinda wonder when I hear all these women say there docs wont do one until they get a positive urine or are 2 months or late. I am paying for it so why wouldnt my doc do it??? I just moved to this area so I am going to a new gyno so I am kinda worried about that. I guess I will try her out and ask lots of questions so if I am preggo I can decide if I want her as my obgyn. I am having horrible gas still after I eat no matter what I eat. Yesterday my cervix was about halfway but I checked this morning and it is very high. I also have that wet feeling. Feels like I am gonna start AF but nothing when I go to the bathroom. I have major insomnia but when I do fall asleep I can stay asleep for more than a couple of hours. I am having wierd dreams and remembering them which I usually never do. And I dont feel bloated like I usually do around my period but when I push on my lower stomach it feels tight. My legs are falling asleep easily as well. I am hungry but get full very easy and when I go pee I feel like i really have to go but when I go it seems like I hardly pee at all. Very very annoying. I will check in later and see if I am just talking to myself or if someone wants to join me!! XOXO


krissy2006 - May 4

Treybugs Momma, just my experience but both my pregnancies I got a very solid BFP at 10dpo. ((shrugs)) just my experience. Some women can't get them for a good few weeks until after their period is due. GL!


Treybugs Momma - May 4

I know I dont like you blessed people very much right now!! LOL JK I got to thinking back when I had my son. I had started my period on Jan1 and I remembered that day for sure because I woke up with a hangover from hell and then my period started and I was in a bad mood. His due date was Oct 7 and I had him on Oct 10. I got to thinking hard though about when I tested and got my positive. I only tested once and after thinking back and talking to my hubby I dont think I tested until I was almost 6 weeks along. Because a couple of days later it was Valentines and we had just found out I was preggo he bought me 3 dozen red roses. My BIL was with him when he did it so he helped with my memory some!! He was trying to cheer me up because it was unplanned. So I am hoping that maybe I am just one of those women who dont produce HCG as fast! I had also gotten preggo when I was about 19 and took a test and it was neg but then about 2 weeks later got a +. That one was a mc really early though. That was with my last boyfriend before I married my hubby and I took that event as a sign to get the hell out. He was a very mean guy. So lets just keep HAPPY vibes in here!! :) HEY PREGGO WOMEN...I need to hear from someone who got a late BFP!!!!! XOXO


Treybugs Momma - May 4

Hello preggo women??? I know you are out there!! Come and help us un preggo women!!! :)


lizbeckwith - May 4

This is where it's at...my cycle before last was 42 days, and last cycle was 83 (OMG!!!). Right now, I'm on cd 34, and I'm not testing until tomorrow morning. Before these last really long cycles, I only went 29-30 days on a cycle, so this is making me crazy. I have PCOS though. Anyway, when I got pregnant with my son, I had a bfp the day my af was due. With the miscarriage, I didn't get a bfp until I was 2 1/2 weeks late, but I had low hormones b/c the pregnancy was abnormal (hence the m/c). Anyway, GRRR!! I'll be mad with you.


hopingwishingwaiting08 - May 4

Treybugs...are you saying you had a period when you were preggo with your son? I am confused! LOL. Because by my calculations, if you were six weeks when you tested in Feb., you were preggo on the 1st of Jan, right? Or did I read that entirely wrong? Sorry I cannot help with teh BFP's...I have yet to have one! Boo!


sammyface - May 4

I am totally with you! I am 3-4 days late and still getting bfn. I am having similar symptoms.... really hungry, then can't eat alot. then when I do eat my stomach hurts and I have a lot of gas pains. also, for the last 2 weeks I have had mild cramps... and I only get cramps after af shows up. I am so confused and frustrated!!! I don't know when I should call the dr......



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