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Kelley - March 28

I was so sure I was pregnant this past month. I bet money on it. I bought a three pack of very early pregnancy tests. I took one and another and another - all BFN. I swore I saw veins on my br___ts that were never there before. They were. I was tired and craving meat (I'm a vegetarian). I was so certain I was pregnant I stopped doing crunches at the gym to be safe. On the 34th day of my cycle - my period came. Right on schedule. Exactly. I was wrong. How could I not know my own body? Looking back, it wasn't that I didn't know my body... it was that I wanted to feel every little thing that might be different from every other month of my life. I know one day my DH and I will be expecting a baby. But for my sanity, I can't think about it every minute of every day each month... I just can't. My advise to myself is to enjoy each day. Enjoy my DH. Enjoy our s_x life and try not to think about getting pregnant all the time. To those of you trying - I give you my blessing. I hope that each of us has a success story to share soon. But until then... just enjoy each day. ***Baby dust***


kay - March 28

that was an awesome post. I think many ppl need to read it...thnx


no patience! - March 28

That is great advice. Its very easy to get crazy over pregnancy. Once baby fever hits, it seems to go full swing, It will happen sometime, and everything seems to happen for the best. baby dust!!!!!!


Lee - March 28

i share ur feelins .. i m exactly like tis too .. even now .. tryin to feel any changes wanting to feel the joy of able to declare tat I M PREG loud ... but for now, i m tryin to tell myself to relax .. even knowin tat i cant .. *** baby dust *** too!


Hope - March 29

I agree with you fully and I think this post will help alot of people... when the time is right it will happen and people say you usually don't know until after you miss your period but some people think about it soo much that they make themselves think they are pregnant and the stress from that can cause your period to be late and get your hopes up more! Thank you Kelley!


Chriss - March 29

Kelley, this is exactly what many of us have been going through. The desire to get pregnant can consume your life, your every thought and actions are focused around it. I myself have been trying to do the same as you and maybe one day it will happen, but in the meantime, we have to live for ourselves. Good luck to you!!!


tay - March 29

i totally agree, we get so consumed with the thought of making a baby, we take the tests and we try to visualize the BFP, you are right our best bet is to sit back and enjoy the baby dance =-) ~*~*~*Baby Dust To All*~*~*~*~


bump - March 30



Lindsey - March 30

Very well said! To be honest, ever since I came across this site, my period are later and later every month. It's because I get it in my head that this month is different and I am experiencing the same symptoms as this pregnant woman..so I must be pregnant! No offense to this site what soever, it's a wonderful site and I do visit here everyday..but I do know that God will bless us with another child some day and I'm thankful that dh and I have a little boy who we cherish and adore. God will bless us all! Good luck to everyone ttc! love and hugs!


amy w - March 31

i think that not stressing over it is great advice...however so hard not too lol, but i totally agree and have heard that from countless people that when ttc look at it more as a if it happens it happens kind of way, i know that we all deserve the best, and i wish us all the best of luck.


stacey - April 8

great post...it's exactly how I feel at the moment- am almost pos. that I'm prego, but am a___lyzing every little thing..somaking myself crazy- I know I'll be disappointed if I'm not, but this post helps :)


mulgajill - April 8

Well.. this month for a change i am just about positive i am NOT pregnant.... however af is a day late... but i am pretty certain she will come... unless it is reverse psychology and i am in denial about possible preg symptons (even ignoring that faint pos line yesterday.... probably evap line).... we will see.... :-)


stacey - April 8

Mulga- you got a faint pos..that's great!!! Why are you denying it? What makes you think you're not??


// - April 8



mulgajill - April 8

Hi stacey... well... i dont feel pregnant, actually feel really good ... and am not sure with the progesterone cream... could cause a delay in af... so i am just going to wait it out until i get a big fat pink line on a preg test... wanted to do another this morning but my fella was dithering around before going to work and i couldn't hang on for that first morning wee. Stick peeing is my secret habit... and faint lines... one pack of hpt's i bought awhile ago actually stated "positive - can be read at arms length"... they must have been sick of the calls to customer service... hope all is looking good for you... :-)


Kelley - April 9

I'm so happy that my thoughts have helped others to feel better... I guess we are all in the same place and it's comforting to know that other women feel EXACTLY like you do. This is without a doubt the most exciting but stressful time in a woman's life. Good luck to you mulgajill -- I hope your BFP is loud and clear this week! Let us know, ok? You too stacey... we want to know what happens for you! ***Baby Dust***



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