Looking For A Waiting Buddy

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Angie - June 8

I'm due for AF on June 22nd and believe I ovulated last week. Both children I ovulated the same week I ended my period. Early ovulator here. Positive OPK test on June 2nd. Not sure if you ovulation changes through out your life hoping not and just didnt misread my test. Let me know if you would like to wait with me. Thanks and baby dust to all.


to angie - June 9

i would be more than happy to wait with you. i was due for af the day you ovulated...but as of now, no af! i also have to wait for the 22nd too, because i do have an appointment with an infertility specialist, to provide me with proper care when i do get pregnant again...if this is my month (fingers crossed) i am hoping by then i still have not gotten af, and that at that appointment, they can confirm pregnancy! i hope you dont mind me waiting with you even though our cycles are differant...i wish you luck! talk to you soon! amy w


amy w - June 9

angie...i havent heard from you, so i thought that i would check in and see how you were doing. how is everything going?


KellyN - June 9

Hi Angie. I can wait with you too. I o'd this past weekend and I am due for af on the 20th. I got a + opk last thursday, which was a couple days earlier than my usual schedule. This week started the dreded 2ww!! Is your cycle longer than 28 days to have such an early o? Baby dust to us all!!**** - Kelly


Angie - June 9

Not sure of the first person who posted, but would love to have you wait. Sounds very positive for you. Do you have children now or did it end in a m/c? I had a natural m/c in March so looking forward to being pregnant again. Amy have we talked before? I cant' remember and I'm sorry. I feel actually pretty sick today and have had a backache for a week now, but I know I pulled a muscle. Kelly I am on a 26 day cycle since my m/c so I'm guessing thats what it will be this month. Are you having any symptoms so far? I've had some constipation, but that is it. Well let me know how you girls are feeling. Good luck and baby dust to all xxxx


Sheila - June 9

I can be your waiting buddy for sure! I am waiting for my period on June 21. I had a miscarriage in April and just got a BFP on my OPK so I am keeping my fingers crossed! Goodluck and baby dust!!


Joby - June 10

Hi Ladies - mind if I join? I have also been waiting on a couple of other threads but this date is nearer! I am waiting for the 20th. We are ttc no 1 and this is our 5th month. I used OPKs for the first time this month & got a + last weekend. I am not really that hopeful as we only bd 1 during fertile time, but there again it only takes one time right?


maddie - June 10

I will gladly wait !!! I am due for AF the 22nd or 23rd. This is my second month ttc, so I will see. I'm not as jumpy this month waiting but I'm sure when the time comes closer I will be :))


KellyN - June 10

Good morning all!!! Joby, your af date is the same as mine - 20th!!! Last month I invented so many symptoms I was certain I was preggo, so this month I am backing off the symptoms as little. Of course I have "imagined" a few - back ache, minor cramps in lower ab and ovary area, and creamy cm. The creamy cm is a new symptom. Last month I was very bloated at this time, but this month no bloating. We shall see... Any symptoms from anyone else??? Baby Dust to all you guys!!!!****


KellyN - June 10

Oh yea, I almost forgot. I've been very tired this month. Taking naps after work every day. That is a new symptom too! But then again it could be because I am having to get up to pee three times a night and not getting a good night's sleep! :o( - kelly


Scarlett - June 10

hi everyone. I am due around June 22-23. I have ovulated last week and I have been getting cramps since yesterday. My nipples really hurt, which is something new. I also have sticky white cm, something I do not recall either. i am 29 and this is my first month trying so needless to say i am nervous and very hopeful. Will be glad to hear about your progress and good luck!


Sheila - June 10

Don't you just hate waiting? It's funny how the days seem much slower when you wait for AF!!!


KellyN - June 10

I hate it, its like life is happening in slow motion! I keep going to these web sites where they show what the baby would be at one day, two days, three days. I have visited the 5 day page several times today just to check that it still says the same thing. Goin' a little crazy here!!!-Kelly


Amy - June 10

kellyn were is that site?


amy w - June 10

lol...no i dont think that we have talked before...i posted the first time, and ent_tled it to angie...and then wrote my name at the very end of the post, and then posted again to see how you were doing, with my name in the name part...so that must be where the confusion is...i dont have any children...yet lol. i had 2 miscarriages myself, so i know how you feel, the most recent one was in november, and both of mine were natural ones as well, i didnt get a D&C or anything like that. i am hoping that i am pregnant, but i am not sure...i think that i might have gotten my period today, however it isnt normal...but i am not going to look into it too much, because it is only the first day, but i will keep you all posted for sure! how is everyone else doing? angie, i hope that your back feels better, i pulled a stomach muscle once when i was a gymnast, and it hurt so bad...back muscles hurt just as bad as that did...so i can sympatise! talk to you all soon!


Doll - June 10

Well hi everyone, I want to join in with the waiting. I'm due for my AF tomorrow, and praying that I don't get it. I tested a couple od days ago and it was a BFN. Well I guess if it does not happen tomorrow I will test again Sunday.


KellyN - June 10

The web site is http://www.med.upenn.edu/meded/public/berp/ Take out the dashes. On the page click on the big "Overview", and that should get you there. -kelly



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