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Jen - November 6

I am 30 years old and my husband and I have been trying for a baby. My period is due tomorrow. I have been extremely tired all week; night and day I felt like I could curl up and go to sleep. I have had terrible headaches for the last two days and slight cramping on Thursday, but no more. My br___ts do not hurt, which is very unusual for my period. My lower back has been hurting as well. In addition, I vomited bile this morning(sorry) while I was cleaning the house. It came on suddenly. Throughout the day I have had bouts of queaziness. Any advice?


W - November 6

Take a HPT (home pregancy test) test, should show up mine showed up after 4 days of missed period. That's the only way u will know for sure


Jen - November 6

Thanks. I took one last night, but it came back negative. I was going to wait a few days before taking another one. Who knows, maybe this will be just one screwed up period this time around?!!


Vivi - November 6

Jen, Do not test again right away. I did many times and just wasted money. It is very sad to test and get a negative and then get your period a day later ... now that I am finally pregnant I can say that in my case it took endless days for the test to come positive, I even bled for a day or so (light) when I was supposed to get my period and only 5 days after that the test starting showing a very light positive. However, if you are going to test this is my personal oppinion and advise - get the dollar store tests - they are not only cheap but they are great. I buy the same ones online for 60 cents each and the ovulation sticks for the same price as well. the ovulation sticks worked every month for me (they showed me the surge every month). these pregnancy tests were the only one showing positive at first - not even the first response tests were so sensitive. Enough Babble - here is the website: http://www.accuratepregnancytests.com/home_pregnancy_test_kit.html


Jen - November 6

Vivi...did you go through something similiar?


Jen - November 7

Well, my period is due today....and it has not come yet....I am keeping my fingers crossed!


Jen - November 9

Did not get on the 8th and today is the 9th....still have my fingers crossed.



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