Looking For An April 22nd Buddy

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Angie - April 10

Hey all I'm due for AF on the 22nd I think.. Lemme explain. I had a miscarriage on March 26th and believed to have ovulated on April 8th. My cycles are normally 26 days long. I know they say that your cycles get messed up with m/cs but I had one before and it was on time and normal after words. I'm hoping that DH and I bd'ed at the right time.. which was on the 7th. So the waiting games begin.


bu - April 10



Ana - April 11

Hi! I'm due on April 21st. I used OPK this month so I'm pretty sure I ovulated on 7th. My cycles vary from 28-32 days and this was first cycle when I used OPK. This is 3rd month of TTC for me. Last month we completely missed ovulation, so I'm hoping for two pink lines next week. Lots of baby dust to you


Alex - April 11

Hi girls! I'll wait with you. My AF is due anytime between 17th-19th. I have no signs at all so am a__suming that this is not my month :-( However, this is only my first month ttc. Good luck all xxxx


Angie - April 11

Hi Ana and Alex. Hows everyone feeling today. No symptoms for me, but I doubt ib has even happened yet. Although my bbs are a little sore. Maybe and probalby false hope. I dont know if I can even carry now. I have a 9 yr old boy and a 4 yr old girl. Thought I was done after that so I had a tubal ligation done. Since then I've had two miscarriages. I'm crossing my fingers that I can. Dr. didnt want me to try so quick, but it helps with the pain of the loss. Lemme know if and when you guys get symptoms. Good luck and baby dust baby dust baby dust. Lots of love.


Ana - April 11

Hi! Alex, welcome aboard. No signs doesn't mean anything. I have two friends that got pregnant at their first try. No signs, no symptoms at all. I like this board because I'm so inpatient and waiting is hard for me. I'm an eary tester and I'm spending fortune on peeing sticks. DH is cool about it and he doesn't understand why I just can't wait until AF is due and test then. This time I'm glad that I know for sure when I ovulated, and we did a baby dance at right time, so I'm realy curious. I don't have any symptoms and I don't think it is possible to have any symptoms this early since implantation has not taken place yet and there no baby hormones in my blood that could cause any symptoms. Baby dust to all


Ana - April 11

Hi Angie! I thik yoy are right, probably no implantation so no symptoms yet. My bbs a little sore but they are that way every second half of my cycle. Sorry to hear about your miscarriages, tons of baby dust to you.


Alex - April 11

Girls -your words are real comfort, thank you. I don't normally have any symptoms (except maybe lower back pain) during the regular cycle so I suppose I may not got any for conception either. I will remain open-minded and hope for the best. Fingers crossed for you too. I will test on 19th if AF has not arrived.


Angie - April 11

Ana thank you for the kind words. It is people like you and Alex out there that help me get through the waiting game. I'm hoping we all get BFP this month. Keep me posted on how you guys are doing and feeling. Hopefully next month we'll be posting in the First trimester forum. Baby dust and lots of love.


Kristina - April 11

I will wait with you! Baby Dust to all! I am waiting for April 20 or 21st. Ana - I used OPK's too, this month. I think we O'd at the same time! When did you BD? I hope we both get BFP's!!!!


BrandyH - April 11

Hey Guys, I am due for AF around the 21st also. My husband and I just started trying. How long does it take for implantation to occur? Does anyone know. Good luck to all of you.


Angie - April 11

Kristina I hope your opk works for you. I haven't tried it yet, but if I dont get a BFP in the next couple of months I'll probably buy the store out.. lol.. Good luck hon. Brandy implantation usually occurs about a week after fertilization so you should notice it around the time AF should be coming. Good luck to you too. Baby dust to all.


lis - April 12

hi, i'll wait with you all...mine is a few days later...af due apr 22nd to 25th!! good luck to all!


Ana - April 12

Hi Kristina! My experience with OPK was realy good. This is the first month that I tried it because i figured that last month we completely missed ovulation. As for BD, I read a study about what is the best time to BD and their conclusion was that only waiting for LH surge may actualy reduce your chances since according to their study fertile period starts six days before ovulation including the day of ovulation. The most fertile day is dwo days before ovulation. So we did some BD before my OPK turned positive, on 3rd, and on 5th. My OPK turned positive on 6th (I tested in the morning and evening that day). We did some more BD on 7th and 8th.Uh I made a science out of it, when all what it takes is a little bit of luck and devine intervention. When do you plan do your first test? I'll probably start testing to early, but that's me. Hi BrandyH, welcome, to answer your question for most of the women implatation starts 5-7 days after conception, it takes few days to implant completely. 10% of women start implant on 12th day after conception. Tons of baby dust to all of you.


shannon - April 12

I am right with you. My cycle was 25 days my luteal phase 13. According to every chart, my most fertile days were the 7th and 8th. So I am going to take a first response on the 19th. I can certainly be your waiting buddy. My email is [email protected] I believe I also ovulated twice once from each side. I did with my baby who will be one April 15th. I lost his twin though. If you would like to be my wait friend contact me there. Anyhow if it is a girl I will name her Ariel and a boy I will name him Walden


Alex - April 12

Hi there, folks. I'm now on day 23 and no obvious signs of pg. I think I o'd on day 13. My temp went up couple of notches this morning but I don't think that means anything. Was very tempted to do HPT but thought better of it. How are you girls getting on?


Angie - April 12

Wow our waiting group is getting bigger.. I'm excited. Only signs Im having right now are sore bbs and slight naseau. Although I was setting on the couch with DH last night and pa__sed out on him at 8:00 pm. Very unlike me. I'm crossing my fingers. How is everyone else doing? Hoping we all start getting sick every where.. he he. Baby dust to you all.. Lots of love.



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