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PCOS - October 6

Were you ever diagnosed with PCOS & still been able to conceive without fertility drugs? I was told I had PCOS about one year ago-I didn't have a plan to have more children until recently. Now, I am wondering how this road is going to wind before I get pregnant (if at all). Please share your experience with me. Whether it be helpful or hurtful. I want to know. Thanks for your thoughts.


xxx - October 6



Sue - October 7

I was diagnosed with PCOS after ttc for 18 months. My GP referred me to an ob to get me started on Clomid but before I went to see him I got a BFP! Unfortunatly we mc'd at 13 weeks, the baby was attached too low and this could have happened to anyone, pcos or not, this is our 4th month ttc since the mc, if we are not sucessfull this month we are going down the Clomid road. We are staying positive though, we have done it once so we should be able to do it again. My husband also has a low sperm count which reduces our chances by a little bit. I wish you the best of luck :-)


mia - October 7

i have pcos and have a 6 yr old although i didn't no i had it when i fell pregnant with him i didn't find out until i fell pregnant last yr and mc.(so i did get pregnant without meds) i had my bloods taken as my af's were irregular and was diagnosed as having a mild form of pcos.we are ttc now and are not on meds only month 1 ttc but got bfn this morning.I will be going back to my dr after christmas if nothing happens in between.


kim - October 7

First off, I don't work for the company that makes this pill, I posted about it on the infertility forum and everyone thought I was promoting this for their company. Anyway, I have irregular cycles and also was told I may have PCOS. I have light facial hair, very irregular cycles and moody, never had insurance for testing to see if this is what was wrong. When I wanted to try for a baby my periods were gone. I didn't have one at all for 2 1/2 years. Finally I researched herbal supplements for infertility. I took a pill called New Phase it has natural plant estrogens and progestrogens in it that help to regulate our own hormones. I took it for 3 months and had a period, after 3 normal cycles I conceived my son. I found it is the only thing that would regulate my cycle and make me ovulate. They also have different kinds like Estroven, but it only has plant estrogens in it. These pills are for menopausal symptoms but they also help regulate hormones in general. If you are not sure about herbal remedies (like I was) then research herbal supplements for infertility and it will tell you many things to take, some have side effects and are not good to take once you have concieved so make sure you know what you are taking first. Also New Phase has Black Cohosh in it which is a Chinese herb good for fertility. Sorry so long.


PCOS - October 7

THANKS TO ALL FOR THE RESPONSES! IT REALLY GIVES ME HOPE! Just came home from my doctor. Since I haven't had a period for 7 weeks she gave a something to make me have a period. However, this will not guarentee me to ovulate. Just clean the walls out of all blood. She told me to take my temp using a basal thermometer & keep a chart for one month. Have any of you done this? I should've asked more questions about doing that-what are the temps telling me about ovulation? KIM- I hope you check back to this post! I am going to check out the New Phase (I am not afraid of herbal remedies!) Am I going to have best luck finding this at a health food store?


kim - October 7

You can buy it at Wal-Mart or any department store in the herb and vitamin section.


PCOS - October 7

My doctor perscribed me PROVERA to make me have a period. Since I haven't had a period in 7 weeks. (One week late-my cycle is usually six weeks) She gave me a urine pregnancy test-negative. I filled the perscription & the pharmacist made a comment about a blood pregnancy test. I called my doctor back & inquired about a blood test, she said that urine tests are so accurate-there is no need for the blood test. Unless I demand having one she says not a must. Now I have to make the decision to take the meds or wait til next week for a blood test. Any advice? What would you do? This is just an opinion question/or learning from somebody else's experience. I may post this as a new listing if I don't get any responses! Thanks So much for taking the time with me.


hi - October 7

my dr told me wheni get a positive don't worry about going to see her make an appointment with the midwife.....she also says test are so accurate but i don't know if i were in your position i would probably wait for blood test.good luck


Nic - October 7

I've been PCOS since 13 or so. I got pregnant twice without drugs when I was in my earlys 20s, both failed. I got pregnant again last year on Clomid, and that failed. Right after my D&C I got pregnant without drugs, and that one failed too


PCOS - October 8

Nic, thanks for sharing & sorry to hear your road has been so rough. Do you have normal periods now? Have you ever tried using ovulation kits (if so, did they work?) I feel so alone in this matter, thanks for the info.


Alicia - October 14

Keep hope alive! I have it too and i conceived four months ago. I took Fertility Blend irregularly for a couple months prior. Get it at GNC for 30$. Unfortunately it was a tubal pregnancy and a had to terminate it--but the point is that I concieved with herbal supplements, or possibly just naturally!



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