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Pattie - June 3

AF four days late and then she showed up. Starting to take BBT and Clearblue Ov Kit starting on day 7. Couple of people recommended it to me, it cost $200, if figured, what the heck. At this point, ill try anything. Looking for ladies from Waiting for AF 5/28-6/1. Let's share our experiences this month.


Camilla - June 3

Hey Pattie, I'll join you. Are you the lady trying for a baby with your new hubby? Tons of baby dust!!! For all of us..PS: I'm going to give the 'cough expectorant' thing a try this month, starting around day 8 or so. It worked last time :-)


maddie - June 3

I am due for AF around the 23rd....This month I am also trying a bit of Robbitussin as well as using preseed lubricant. I never produced a lot of cm, so I figured I need a little help. Also drinking tons of water. Good luck....


Beth - June 3

Guess who's coming for dinner? Well not really dinner....AF... ...She's not invited, but d__n her she's persistent! :) Guess I will wait for next cycle... What is the cough syrup for?


Pattie - June 3

Hi Camilla, Maddie and Beth, welcome. Also hoping the other women will follow and wait with us this month as well. Yes, I am the lady trying for a baby with new husband. Cough Syrup? What's up with that? I'll try that, give me some. So lets see, I'll have to take my temp., check my pee, take cough med (even though I'm not coughing, keep my a__s, leggs and whatever else elevated, oh yeah, and spend $500,000. on HPT's. LOL. WOW, what we women will do to try to have a baby. Fortunately, but now unfortunately, my four children from my previous marriage I didn't try once to have any of them, now I'm trying and can't. Funny how life is. Maybe if I try to trick myself and say I really don't want to get preggo., maybe it will happen. Keep the faith and tons and tons of baby dust.


kelly - June 3

Hello! AF was five days late and decided to show up on the 30th which was also my birthday. My husband and I are just going to try to bd every other day for the entire month. I hope it works! =) Good luck to everyone!


Camilla - June 3

I read that if you take cough syrup, the type with just the expectorant in it, it will help loosen mucous. Only, the good thing is, it doesn't just work in your lungs, he he. So, hubbs is going to think it's pure excitement when you melt all over ;-) 'Course, you've got that cough stuff hidden under the pillow. Talk about a s_x toy, lol. Anyhow, it did work last time I was preggers but it didn't work last month. But then I only bought it on the day I ovulated! So, now it's in my closet and the spoon is ready and waiting! What's up with the preseed lubricant? Is that seed, as in his seed? Just kidding. Anyway, I'm happy to be here and discuss any scientic advances with you guys..all fool-proof methods welcome.


L - June 3

mine came!!! I have EXTREMELY irregular cycles. Ovulated for the first time since off of the pill on cd 77 -bd'd 2 days before ov, day of ov and 2 days after and d__ned af came on cd 89 - May 28!


Beth - June 3

Well I was 4 days late when AF came. I just had my TR done in Mar and was hoping maybe this was it, but I'm happy to wait along side you gals. I agree with Pattie, it was so easy before, now when you want a baby you practically have to do the scientific method just to figure out how your body works. Maybe I should be hoisted up and flipped upside down ! I mean whatever works! :P ~~~Baby Dust~~~


maddie - June 3

Hi camilla...the pressed I'm talking about is a sperm friendly lubricant my doc recommended. You can actually look up info at pressed.com (I think thats the site) Anyway its suppossed to be better for the sperm to swim and stuff. Who knows, but I have to same (upcoming TMI) it makes for VERY fun bding...lol.....little expensive at $14 for 9 tubes...but dh and I love it so far and will be LOVING it if it results in pregnancy. I'm also doing a small amount of Robutussin b/c a friend of mine swears by it, she the mother a one set of twins and a single birth! The Robutussin is suppossed to make your cm 'friendly' to sperm .....dust to you..:))


dea - June 3

hi ladies- just checking into the new thread... forgive the stupidity... BUT, do you actually swallow the cough syrup each day or put it "elsewhere" before bd?? this is a new one to me! and- you never know what "nutty" women ttc will do! no offense- because hey, i'm one of the nuttiest ones out there! ~~dust~~


Pattie - June 3

Camilla, I'll try the cough syrup. Which one exactly? Robutussin what? Beth, oh my gosh. You are so funny. I said to my hubby last month while trying, why is it that I'm the one looking like the complete idiot, with my hips and a__s up in the air. My sister swears by the doggy style method. So I tried it for the 4 days we bd, only one night I had the window competely open with the curtain pulled back, and oh my gosh, I could see straight across to my neighbors bedroom, which of course meant they could see "our room" and my a__s in the air. The things we will do just to get the end product of a little one in our arms. Im sure my neighbor will get over it, or they'll be looking again next month. lol. KELLY - so were all due for AF (hopefully NO SHOW) around the same time this month. Happy Birthday. Be looking forward to hearing about you. **L** oh my gosh. 89 day cycle. How is that? Are you athletic? Is that your usual cycle amount of days? I have been taking BBT every morning at 6:30 and I should receive my kit any day now. If this doesn't work for me, I guess God gave all he was suppose to. Keep contact ladies.


Beth - June 4

Pattie, OMG I would be so embarra__sed if my neighbors saw, I keep my "freak on" the down low...heehee. I'm right there with ya, I think I would do just about anything to get preggers at 36! I can see by reading the message boards that I am not alone in this tought either! ; ) Best of luck to all and I will keep checking in. Next week I have my HSG done so hopefully I have no blockage, since I just had my tubes reversed (TR). Hopefully I can conceive during Father's day, but I will try not to let the pressure get to me. ~~~BABY DUST~~~~~~:-)


dea - June 5

please be sure to let us all know how the kit did... i am interested in hearing about it- ofr that money i hope it works.. of course- i duringf the past year i''ve spent at least that much in HPT!!!! ~dust~


bump - June 5



L - June 6

Hi guys! Great weekend - thanks Pattie! Yeah, I have INSANE CRAZY cycles! I came off of BCPs in January and since then, it's been CRAZY! I wish I could say that af is irregular because I'm so athletic! At least then, I'd have a "real" reason! I finally got in to see an ob/gyn though and he wants to do a few blood tests etc but is thinking that clomid may help!


Camilla - June 7

Hey girls, where are you all?? How are you doing? Not too long for some of us to go now..



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