Looking For Waiting Buddies AF Due April 25th

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Mayi - April 22

i am supposed to get my period on april 25th, i had a negative pregnancy test today ,i have these symptoms : nausea, food cravings,dizzyness,cramps,mood swingsand i have had white creamy va___al discharge since i ovulated and it won't stop.Are you in the same situation ?


brit - April 22

I am supposed to get mine on the 23rd...so we are close. I have had mood swings, flatulence, bloating tension, anxiety, headaches, nipple soreness and Ive been eating a lot for like a week...i had a neg test last week...but I havent taken another yet...i thought i might as well wait it out....


mayi - April 22

well i really don't know what to think i really feel pregnant too do you think we could be just imaginating these symptoms ?,i am really skinny and my husband always has to push me so i can eat more but this last week i have been eating like a whale,LOL.if i am not pregnant then something is wrong with me LOL.we'll see in 3days.


Ange - April 23

Hey there, I'm due 27th April, so also close, and I'm having symptoms also..flatulence, tiredness...like you wouldn't believe..I fell asleep during ER!!!! and the smell of pizza just about made me throw up!..fingers crossed for you.... :)


K9 - April 23

I just found out I was pregnant (5 weeks) and I noticed mood swings, mild cramps from ovulation on, my sense of smell was amazing and I was more tired during the day than usual. This was all I have experienced so far. Hope this helps.


Pinkie - April 23

My af is due the 24th(tomorrow). I have not tested yet I gonna wait until I at least miss my af. The symptomes I have had are bigger b___bs, which I didn't even notice, it was my boyfriend, cramping, continuous cm, and yesterday I had indigestion and I felt nauseated.


susie - April 23

i was due to get my period april 10 all test neg could i stillbe been cramping mildly?


JEN - April 23

well mine was due 19th, still not here. Boobs are bigger/firmer (not sore), nauseous with food i nomaly like, really hot all the time, emotional, blue veins. 4 tests..negative.


brit - April 24

i got mine


Mayi - April 24

I'm so sorry Brit, i hope you will be luckier next month ,...lost of baby dust to you.I should get mine tomorow but i really don't feel like it,i am going to take another test tomorow to see if it's still negative.


Angelina - April 24

Yes - and I am freaking out...I do not want a baby at this time - my af is due April 29...unprotected s_x (a mistake!) on the 14th...WAITING - took hpt on 4/16 - negative (too soon??)...afraid that I am pregnant...but yes - after ovulating, m ajor white a creamy stuff for a few days...then aok.


mayi - April 24

yes angelina i think you should wait until the 29th to test again,you tested too soon.do u have any symptoms


mayi - April 25

ok today is the 25th for me and af didn't show up yet, i have nausea and pain between my ribs on the bra area on my chest and my back,don't know if it's heartburn,i still have cm.i keep my finger crossed if af don't show up tomorow i will take another hpt.


M.M. - April 25

AF was due the 24th. Tested that evening - faint +! Tested again the morning of the 25th, faint + again! I'm really excited but trying not to get too excited until I go see the doctor. I calling when I get home from work. My symptoms include, mild cramping and sore nipples, a slight tinge of nausea and dizziness, and darkened areolas. Goodness Girls! BABY DUST FOR ALL!


bump - April 25



Angelina - April 26

Thank you Mayi...I am just stressing major over this...what kinds of symptoms should I be worrying about at this time? The few things that have been different/odd: 1 cold sore, night sweating, mild cramps, fatigue, stuffy nose (allergies??) that is all??? What should I be looking for??


Angelina - April 26

Mayi...anything yet??



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